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Jai Ho:

--- Quote from: GB on July 02, 2013, 02:08:25 PM ---Oh wow, so Falafel wearing their winter gear was a NEL penalty? I thought they were wearing it 'cus they had to give up their bags for this leg (Because of the hang-gliding) and they figured they might need it at some point.

I'm not sure I like this penalty. It's not really enough of a penalty for arriving last. It's more of a moderate inconvenience.

--- End quote ---

Yes, indeed GB, it was a penalty, kind of similar to a Handikap in the Norwegian version. I like the fact that it's leg specific, but it doesn't compare to a time penalty or being deprived of stuff.

 The bags probably didn't make much of an appearance this leg, and I think that this is what happened:

Teams arrive in Rio with bags and put them in cabs. At the first task (butt workout) the cabs could have conceivably led/followed them to the beach and waited there. The teams aren't seen with bags on the bus, but they very well may have stowed them there and gotten them upon leaving the bus at the RB/FF marker but that's not that interesting to watch. Cabs are seen taking the Roadblocking racers up to the mountain, and the bags could conceivably be in the trunks of THOSE vehicles.

Also, if you notice, at the butt workout, Itzik/Eliran are seen in Rio gear, so they must have been allowed to change for the task, or at least stow their Paris gear somewhere because we don't see it at the beach, only after they read their clue and head off to the FF.

Jai Ho:
Happy independence day, fellow Americans, and everyone else...happy Thursday. I have some time off this weekend so hopefully I'll get caught up.

For your reading pleasure:

Episode 13: Don’t Be A Messi in South Central While Drinking Your Coffee in the 'Hood.

Lots of yellow and green bring us back to Brazil, specifically, Rocinha. There, the task is for the teams to find Peniel the Jewish locksmith, who will give them the “Keys to Heaven.” All teams are en route, save for LiMor (still at the detour) and Falafel (FFing)

David comments on how quiet Brazil is…let’s see how long that lasts. Sweeping vista of crowded houses. Blue Collar and then TaKo drive into the favela, through the piles of trash and poor people. Talia points out a dog that appears to be stuck in a wall. All are scared.
Blue Collar wonder how the girls (presumably, the sisters) will do. And here they are, singing Lady Antebellum as they turn into the favela and things get weird. Romi yells out the window, seemingly not understanding that this is Rocinha. The girls exit the cab and enter the favela, passing poor people along the way as well as a dog that looks possessed. Strangely, Coral is cool as a cucumber, but Romi’s nervous because they’re young white girls with money. They find a local guy to lead them to Peniel.

Rocinha, elsewhere. Blue Collar and TaKo de-cab, and TaKo are the first to find Peniel. Ron tells us that the teams will receive a set of keys which will unlock a specific, labeled door. Peniel is a perky little Brazilian who speaks rapid-fire Hebrew and is proud of it. Talia compliments him on his Hebrew, they get their key, and they’re off. Blue Collar come up in 2nd. They think Peniel is adorable and get their clue. Romi/Michele arrive next, and the sisters are surprised to see a Hebrew speaker.

Taxi. Falafel are on their way to the site of the Fast Forward. Eliran suspects it’ll be a bungee jump. He would fail as a detective. Itzik is afraid of a head-shaving as they continue to their destination of mystery.

Harbor. Dana has a sunburn. They head to Rocinha, and Debby actually tries to see the beauty in the rubbish, pointing out a cute swimsuit in a shop window. In the Purples cab, they are highly concerned upon entering Rocinha. Batel says that she’s all alone at the end of the world, and Ma’Ayan goes, “you have me!” ShiMin look exhausted and just want to get to the task.

Harbor. Mor is still not having this about the whole hang gliding thing. But, after some serious thought, she heads up the mountain, angry and bitchy. They take off, and Mor is even worse than Yasmin, refusing to even open her eyes and look at the awesome scenery. At least she can make fun of herself in the post-leg interview. Next thing we know, they’re paddling back and getting their Rocinha clue.

Rocinha. Blue Collar and TaKo are on the move. Talia is suffering more than most, describing everything around her but at least not
giving us a history lesson. Blue Collar pass a huge pile of trash. Koby compares it to Tel Aviv, which gets a laugh from Talia. Romi/Michele are a bit more complimentary, deeming the street children “cute” and “sweet.” Then comes a scary moment – Talia and Koby get briefly separated by a woman in green who is either insane or a student of Martha Graham. TaKo pass this temporary obstacle and find the door, opening it to reveal a vista of the mountains, several young boys, and the detour clue. This detour comes down to Soccer and
Coffee. In Soccer, teams must pass the ball and score against a team of street boys. In Coffee, teams must match ground up coffee to the drinks they make. Koby opts for Coffee, with the reasoning that he and his partner suck at sports – and he’s not wrong. They head off to Coffee. They start the task and things do not look good. All the coffees look the same and Talia is starting to get nauseous.

Door of Heaven. Blue Collar and Sisters open the door. Romi notes the kites flying in the air and speak of the joy of a piece of paper. Both pick Soccer. The soccer field looks like a scene from West Side Story, buffeted by fences and perched on the edge of a cliff. David/Eliran arrive and suit up. They have a good start, but their goalie deflects their ball. Sisters kidnap two little girls to be their “cheerleaders.” They start, and Coral is getting owned by the little boys and running in circles. The small children are laughing at her.

Falafel Cab. They’ve apparently been driving for quite a while, but emerge at the beach. The clue box, behind a rock, tells them their poison: they must play beach ping-pong, with two locals, and all four of them must be naked.  This fact is exacerbated with shots of the locals from the tribe of Fuzzy Blur. After being in their cold-weather clothes, they are somewhat enjoying stripping down, and pretty soon they too are blurs.

Rocinha. Purples arrive and are entranced by the little locksmith man. Ma’Ayan immediately invites herself over for dinner. D/D head up next. They get the key, and foreboding music leads them into the favela, so we know something sketch is going to happen to them. The purples speculate that the locals will steal their teeth. Dana is a bit fearful, and indeed the woman in green is back, with another guy, and it looks like they actually kidnap her for a moment, but they just chase her down a small alley. The ladies take a short break to catch their breath and their sanity.

Cabs. LiMor and ShiMin are riding to Rocinha.

Coffee. TaKo are beginning to regret their choice, and when they get the coffee order wrong, they begin to really regret their choice. They bail and head back up to Soccer.

Soccer. David scores a goal for Blue Collar, and they are done, donating their clothes to the locals as well. Next clue: U-turn board ahead! David/Eliran leave. They can’t believe that they’ve just experienced this. Before long, they arrive at the U-turn board, and they’re safe, no other team having voted for them.

Rocinha. Twinkly piano music leads us to the LiMor cab, where they notice a photo of a little girl on the driver’s console, and take a closer look. Missing their own children, of course…moving on. Shimi knows what the favelas are and he and Shimi think that they smell bad. LiMor see the poverty and give their own poor-children commentary. Both teams exit cabs. ShiMin, with some purpose, LiMor wandering. Yasmin starts to freak out, par for the course. D/D’s break is over and they continue their journey through the favela. Debby spots the door, and they are instantly happy once again. Purples arrive as well. Both teams choose Soccer. Purples arrive to see Romi/Michele in their bickering glory. Purples enter the ring, with Ma’Ayan showing a little more fight than Coral. D/D are shown starting as well, with the boys really giving Dana a runaround, making her very dizzy.

Nude beach. Our Falafels strut down the beach as Naked Falafels and start the task. They seem to do pretty well at first, but they each have a few drops.

Rocinha. ShiMin reach Peniel. Shimi wonders why the locksmith is in Brazil rather than Israel, where he could get more work. As quick as they arrive, LiMor arrive at the door and choose Coffee, with the local boy making their choice for them. ShiMin arrive at the door as well, with a funny moment where Shimi doesn’t realize that Yasmin is in front of him rather than behind him. They choose Soccer, because they do not like coffee.

Coffee. Lior will be eating, and Mor drinking. Neither of them like coffee, so of course they picked this task. They comment that all the coffees taste the same after a while. They deliberate the finer points of coffee, and this will clearly take a while.

Soccer. TaKo arrive and Talia side-coaches Koby, and he successfully passes it to Talia, who misses the goal. The ball goes back in play, and Koby promptly kicks it out of the field. You kick it, you get it! Yasmin is less than happy and is scared that the little children will laugh at her. Don’t worry, they will anyway. As predicted, Yasmin runs and Shimi yells. The sisters seem to be working well, and Romi scores a goal, after which she goes ballistic, dancing, yelling, and borderline-molesting a local boy. Romi may not be able to leave the country after this. They leave, accompanied by Coral’s Brazilian boyfriend from before. Romi doesn’t see what he sees in Coral, and when she suggests herself, Romi gives an eye roll. Sisters are always sisters.

Nude beach. Falafel have their balls in the air and before you know it, they get 30 each. Congratulations, Itzik and Eliran, you have won the Fast Forward. You are also still unclothed. After a celebratory romp in the sea, they get the Pit Stop clue. Back in their winter gear, they head out.

U-turn board. Romi/Michele are safe.

Soccer. Ma’Ayan pins the ball against the wall and though it looks like the boy steps aside, Batel gets a goal. Dana is going hardcore and actually body checks a little boy before passing it to Debby, who scores. Both teams head to the u-turn board, both scared. Since TaKo switched sides, however, D/D are safe. The cousins, however, will not find themselves so lucky, with their three usual suspects + TaKo, in whom they are disappointed. Over at soccer, Talia is attempted to psyche out the goalie, but she gets it in. ShiMin somehow complete the task (again, dubiously).

Coffee. LiMor get a no. Ma’Ayan/Batel meet them at the coffee shop.  Batel drinks her coffee in pur misery, but it’s LiMor who get the clue. They get a round of applause from the Purples and Lior has lots of sad feels for the u-turned girls. Batel is now shutting down even though it’s her partner who’s shoveling down the raw coffee.

Next episode: Bodybuilders! Brazilian waxing! Lior gets bleeped out for a full thirty seconds, so he must’ve really been mad. Someone gets proposed to, which means that it’s probably Yasmin, upon their overdue elimination.
Who's going to look the best in a speedo?
Who's going to look the most different without leg hair?
Will Batel finish her coffee?
And finally...
Who's going home?

Hello, did anyone find out that this season was kinda scripted? The placement of their arrival to each tasks maybe incorrect and I doubt about that will they even script the placement of teams arriving the pit stops. Please prove me wrong. =]

TAR isn't scripted, this has been gone over many many times before.


--- Quote from: hotriceguy on July 07, 2013, 01:34:12 AM ---Hello, did anyone find out that this season was kinda scripted? The placement of their arrival to each tasks maybe incorrect and I doubt about that will they even script the placement of teams arriving the pit stops. Please prove me wrong. =]

--- End quote ---



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