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Based on the song list, Kree and Angie both have a recent + relatively famous song. Whereas for Candice, she has a famous song, a classic song and a not so well-known song.

I think Candice is going to kill Somewhere and get a standing ovation totally. Whereas the judges are probably going to criticize Kree for not doing justice to a Pink song... Randy will probably say something like "I wished you put more attitude into it!"...

And the judges will really like the Pink and Elton John songs chosen by Angie... and most probably just commend Angie on her Emile Sande song. The judges will also most probably like Kree's rendition of Here Comes Goodbye.

lol. I can totally picture all their comments in my mind now already. Considering they have been so harsh on Kree, I won't even be surprise if they sort of like throw her under the bus for ALL her songs even if she sang well.. :res:

If they do that to Kree then they want Candice to be in the final two. I hope they don't and I hope they all sing their hearts out.

I think Candice MIGHT miss the Top 3. But we never know. Amber's votes just all went to Candice... I think, or Angie. :stare


Kree: I liked the sincerity of the performance. Told you Randy is going to criticize it.. "You don't have a lot of possess to it".. :res:

The judges are basically avoiding the "We don't want to appear to be throwing you under the bus, but NO, we are not giving you good comments for your song. :res: :res: :res:

Come on, it wasn't that bad!

Grade: B+


Candice: Her voice resonated in this song choice. Dang, she's good with making songs into her own style to showcase her vocals. Her voice sounded a little weak and raspy today... perhaps she wasn't in her best condition today? And I agree with Randy, she was kind of flat and sharp at times and at a point in the song I felt that she just didn't connect with me.

Grade: B++


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