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Angie: It was great. I would have given her a standing ovation. Just because she isn't behind the piano doesn't mean that she can't do the song better than at the piano just by simply standing there. It was even a greater performance than Candice's one and there's no #inittowinit??? :res:

Grade: A- (Reserving my A cause I know more crazzzzyyyy performances are coming)


Candice: I liked the song choice! I liked her vocals! I liked the entire performance. It was refreshing, showcased her vocals well and I thought it was flawless! However, I felt like there was something missing about the song... especially at the end when it ended abruptly.. I was hoping for her to end with a really long, high and sexy note...

Grade: A-


Kree: She didn't get a standing Ovation?? It was an emotional trigger and she sang her heart out... it was so beautiful. I had to listen to it again and this just shows what I've been talking about Kree not picking the right songs. Look at what she did to this song... she killed it. So good... just so good. I felt every single word of her song. This is by far my most favourite performance from her.

Grade: A+


Angie: I LOVED IT. She was comfortable and in the zone with every single word she sang. Definitely one of her best performances ever and just proved all the judges wrong. She DOESN'T NEED A PIANO everytime! :res: LOVEDDDDD IT!

Grade: A

omg Kree's performance of Here Comes Goodbye was stunning... I've never been a Kree fan, but holy moly. That was filled with emotion. I was listening to Perfect and I felt like there was no emotion... and then Here Comes Goodbye was an emotional rollercoaster.


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