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Joys and Disappointments of TAR 22

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100% agree. There was way to much screentime for Dave with his broken achilles and his cancer surviving son.

Meh, they were eliminated so early I didn't really care.

The best, finally finishing a leg in Washington, DC.  I have no idea why the producers took so long to do this, since they love to use LA as a starting point.  I was hoping for more running in DC than cabs though, it could made for some humor with the teams getting lost.  DC is not hard to get around, but I have lived here for 30 years.


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--- Quote from: CYew on May 16, 2013, 09:46:04 PM ----Balanced editing: I don't remember anyone screenhogging this season;

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Pretty certain Dave and Connor quite a lot when they were in the race...

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The whole Leg 4 recap being all about them. :res:

 :conf: :cheer: JOYS :cheer: :conf:
Good country choices (French Polynesia, Botswana, and Switzerland had amazing scenery.)
Casting MUCH more diverse than last season's (All teams were memorable as for the exception of Matt & Daniel)
Unpredictability (Who knew Dave & Connor were going to quit without using spoilers? Who knew Pam & Winnie were going to fall so behind in Botswana?)
Night leg in Germany (I always love night legs since they cause navigation problems.)

:pity :res: DISAPPOINTMENTS :res: :pity
ZERO new countries like last season
Generally weak and easy tasks
Two Switchbacks (which proves the task creators are starting to lack creativity.)
Unbalanced editing "favoritism" (Dave & Connor and somewhat Maxie)


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