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Favorite Season Post UB

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TAR 22 comes on top <333

And I was surprised a lot of people dislike 19. :lol: For me, it's really good. It's a calm season, the route is good, the challenges are good and the teams are okay. We need a calm season like this sometimes.

I thought most of the tasks is TAR19 were lacking to be honest. I only remember the Indonesia RB with the Buddhist(?) statues, the Malawi Tobacco RB, the Belgium Water/Waffle detour and all of Panama. Other than that it was a blur.

I didn't remember anything about it... I guess I just blocked it all out of my head. :lol:

Kaninhop <333
Reciting Andersen's quote <333
Legoland <333
Bicycle taxi in Malawi <333
Panama leg <333
Orphanage drama <333

TAR22 = TAR21 > TAR19 = TAR20 for me.


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