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Reilly Queens:

The Amazing Race Needs YOU!

The Amazing Race Design Challenge has made itself known as one of the best series on RFF.

After 3 seasons of talent, imagination, trainwrecks & truly AMAZING legs, we are back to do it one more time.

Each round our designers will be challenged with designing a cultural, entertaining, low budget, drama prone, and feasible leg. Each leg will then be scored by a panel of judges that will score, critique, and judge their leg. When all the scores are in the designer(s) with the lowest score will be eliminated from the game, while the remaining designers board the jet to the next destination.

Are you ready?





Now we are down to the final two.


Its time for the finale. For the finale, the finalists were tasked with making a FULL 12 LEG Amazing Race route.

Now it is time to showcase them here, in The Amazing Race Discussion Board!

We're bring back ALL the judges in the game, and YOU! RFF gets a vote in the poll.

Which one of the finalists will come out on top as the 4th Champion? Find out as we get ready to begin..


Link to the game thread!

Reilly Queens:


Click the below link to check out the route that Ovalorange has made!

Reilly Queens:


Click the below link to check out the route that MrDS has made!

Reilly Queens:


Open the spoiler tag to check out Ovalorange's finale leg!

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This is Taipei, Taiwan, an urban jungle is home to almost 7 million people.

And right in the heart of the city is The National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. This is the point where teams will begin their 12th and final leg of a race around the world. 

X & Y, who were the first team to arrive, will depart at 5:09 PM

**All other teams will depart from 5:17 PM to 5:43 PM**

Fly to your final destination city, Salt Lake City, Utah!

Once there, travel by taxi to Ensign Peak, where you'll find your next clue.

You have $231 dollars for this leg of the race!

Show contentAll teams will take this flight from Taipei to Salt Lake City.

During the pitstop, teams took the 12:15 PM (arrives 2 PM) train from Tainan to Taipei, in order to depart from Taipei.

Teams must now travel via taxi to the largest man-made excavation in the world - Bingham Canyon Mine.

Who's ready to rock it?

In this Roadblock, one team member must join the local workforce, via transporting these copper ores from the mines. First, teams must push a cart full of ores rocks to the opening of the mine before loading it up into a truck and driving it to the outside ring of the mine. Once there, they'll have to use traditional mining tools to break open ores until they find one which has their next clue inside.

Teams must now take a helicopter to Farnsworth Peak, where they'll find their next clue.

Each team member must now climb one of these 150 ft radio towers. At the top of the tower, they'll have to send out a signal on their radio transmitter and wait for a response on their receiver which contains half of their next clue. When both team members return to the ground, they can piece together their messages in order to find their next clue.

Teams must now take their helicopter to the Rice-Eccles Stadium & Tower and then take a taxi to a location which relates to a task they performed during the previous leg. Teams must figure out this is a reference to the 'beehive' fireworks teams created during the Detour in Tainan and then travel to the Beehive House in Salt Lake City to get their next clue.

Teams must now travel on foot to the Seagull Monument at Salt Lake Assembly Hall, where their next clue awaits.

Teams must now find the home of the prey of the Seagulls. During 1848, the crops of Salt Lake City came under attack by grasshoppers destroying the crops and vegetation of the city. However, legend has it that the seagulls ate the grasshoppers and saved the vegetation of the city. Teams must now figure out the grasshopper is the prey of the seagull and find it's residence at the Gilgal Sculpture Gardens, where they'll find their next clue.

Who's can piece it all together?

In this final Roadblock, one team member must search for animal sculptures which relate to each leg of the race. Teams needed to correctly match all 12 legs with the appropriate animal in order to receive their final clue.

Teams must now take a taxi to the Finish Line of the Race, Thanksgiving Point Gardens! The first team to cross the Finish Line will win The Amazing Race and one million dollars!!

Notes:Show contentHello judges, RFF members and guests (oh and WRP if you're reading this! :lol:)

I'd like to present a few points to justify my selections of locations, tasks and the overall creation of my final design.
1. I chose Salt Lake City as it's one of the only West Coast cities which hasn't been used as a final city, in fact it's been completely ignored for both starting and finish lines. Obviously flying from Asia, I think it was probably one of the most appropriate choices for a Finish Line.

2. I chose to have teams travel to Taipei before beginning the leg. I think having both a train from Tainan and then a plane to Salt Lake City is overkill on transportation, so I stuck in a moved pitstop to keep the pace going for the final leg.

3. For the first Roadblock, teams are expected to enter the mine and push a full cart of ores to the entrance, a distance of 50 meters. Then, they have to place all the ores into the top of a truck, and drive the truck to the outside ring of the mine. Of course, these aren't real ores, so teams will just bash open the rocks until their find their clue. Instruments available to them to do this include a pick, chisel and hammer. All teams will also be required to wear safety gear for the duration of the Roadblock.

4. Some may argue that it's unfair that teams doing the other side of the Tainan detour would not know about the beehive. Smart teams would note the name of the 'beehive' firework if they were studying properly for the final memory challenge. Also, these fireworks would be exploding all over the market, even during the dragon dancing performance (the other detour).

5. The seagulls basically ate the grasshoppers to prevent them from destroying crops, so hence the grasshoppers are their prey. The grasshopper sculpture is at Gilgal Sculpture Gardens, hence why teams head there.

6. The final Roadblock includes finding  animal sculptures which relate to each leg of the race. Teams need to beware that animals can related to multiple legs, however there is only one correct solution. Here are a list of answers:

Leg 1 - Cow (from milk poured over the crowd at the first Roadblock)
Leg 2 - Sheep (Wool used in both sides of the Detour)
Leg 3 - Llama (Found in the Llama Herding Active Route Info in that leg. An alpaca sculpture will also be present, so teams must be wary)
Leg 4 - Dragon (The logo given to teams after the U-turn board was the logo of Estádio do Dragăo - a dragon. Not to be confused with the leg 11 Detour)
Leg 5 - Frog (Found at the Roadblock, frog racing)
Leg 6 - Lion (Teams donated their money to the Lion keeper at the orphanage's lion pen)
Leg 7 - Cow (There will be no crocodile present in the sculpture pile teams are given. They must figure out the cow is to be repeated, Ngombe Illede - the cow that is lying down)
Leg 8 - Elephant (Wooden Elephants rolled to the Pitstop)
Leg 9 - Donkey (Used to transport wheat up the Nagkargot hills)
Leg 10 - Horse (Found at both the Warrior Contest Detour and the Active Route Info task preceding the Detour)
Leg 11 - Chicken (The century eggs found at the market are the by-product of chickens)
Leg 12 - Grasshopper (See above)
Map of the Final Leg locations:

A - Salt Lake City International Airport
B - Ensign Peak
C - Bingham Canyon Mine
D - Farnsworth Peak
E - Rice-Eccles Stadium & Tower
F - Beehive House
G - Salt Lake Temple (hidden under F)
H - Gilgal Sculpture Gardens
I - Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Reilly Queens:


Open the spoiler tag to check out MrDS' finale leg!

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Phil: This is the island of Palawan, located in The Philippines. This iconic island bodes many landmarks in both its city life, and its natural surroundings. And one such landmark, is St Paul's Subterranean River.

This river, regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts over 20km of underground river, some of which is impossible for humans to explore. This is now the start point for the final leg, as teams are about to conclude their race around the world.

Phoenix and Peter won the last leg of the Race, and will now depart at 11:41pm.

CLUE TEXT: Fly to your final destination, Seattle, Washington! Once there, make your way to the park named after the companion of Lewis and Clark, and search for a marked car to receive your next clue. You have $40 for this leg of the Race.

Phil: Teams will now fly over 6,000 miles to the final destination city on he Race, Seattle, Washington.

Once teams land, they must make their way to Sacajawea Park, named after the companion of the famed explorers Lewis and Clark. To find their next clue, teams will have to search the vicinity of the park for a marked car, where their next clue awaits inside.

(Really sorry about this map, I don't know what happened, it just skewed heavily when I resized it)

CLUE TEXT: Drive yourselves to Tiger Mountain nearby the small town of Issaquah, and find the entrance to the mountain path to receive your next clue.

Phil: Teams will now drive themselves to the town of Issaquah, on the outskirts of Seattle. Once there, they must find Tiger Mountain, one of the two main peaks overlooking the small community. Teams will find their next besides the entrance to the mountain path.

CLUE TEXT: Go paragliding! Make your way up the mountain to Poo Poo Point on the bare shoulder, and get suited up in paragliding gear. Once suited up, you will paraglide down the mountain, and receive your next clue back at the landing site.

Phil: Teams will now embark on a high flying adventure, by going paragliding off of Tiger Mountain. They must make their way to a bare shoulder on the mountainside, and then must gear up and soar over the Issaquah Pass down to the landing site, where teams can pick up their next clue.

CLUE TEXT: Drive yourselves to Lake Youngs and find the hovercraft landing site to receive your next clue.

Phil: Teams will now drive themselves back into Seattle and must find Lake Youngs, where teams will search for their next clue.

CLUE TEXT: Who's hovering over success? INSIDE: Control a hovercraft and collect 3 flags floating out on the lake, and exchange them with the hovercraft instructor to receive your next clue.

Phil: For this Roadblock, one team member has to enter the water on a hovercraft, a vehicle supposedly conceived in Seattle. Once taking control of the vehicle, they have to collect 3 equidistant flags out in the water, and return them all to the hovercraft instructor to pick up their next clue.

CLUE TEXT: Drive yourselves to Jensens Cove and search for a marked boat to receive your next clue.

Phil: Teams must now head back to the outskirts of Seattle, and must find Jensens Cove besides Lake Sammamish and search for one of the 3 marked boats on the lake to receive their next clue.

CLUE TEXT: Complete a parasailing exercise! Go parasailing around the lake and look for a yellow and red banner nearby the lake. From there, drive to the banner to receive your next clue.

Phil: Teams will now experience the high-flying thrills of parasailing, which involves flying overhead whilst a boat is pulling along. Teams must search for a yellow and red banner somewhere near the lake, and then must drive themselves to the banner inside Weowna Beach Park to receive their next clue.

CLUE TEXT: Drive yourselves to Boeing Field and search for your next clue.

Phil: Teams must now drive themselves to Boeing Field and must search for their next clue.

CLUE TEXT: Who's ready to complete their high-flying adventure? INSIDE: Match the airlines of each flight you have taken with the logo of the airlines, found on placards located throughout the airfield (if you took a connecting flight, you must use the flight which landed in your next destination as the airline logo you are looking for). Once you think you have all the logos correct, the undersides would reveal a code. You must recite the code to the head pilot, and if he approves, he will give you your next clue.

NOTE: If you did the hovercraft Roadblock, your partner must complete this Roadblock.

Phil: For this final Roadblock, one team member has to match up the airlines of each flight they took corresponding to the logo of the company found on placards dotted throughout the field. Once they think they have matched the flights, it will reveal a unique code on the underside, which they must tell to a pilot. If the pilot approves of their code, they will receive their next clue.

Airlines RB Example

Leg 1 (USA -> Canada) (US Airways)

Leg 2 (Canada -> Dominican Republic) (United Airlines)

Leg 3 (Dominican Republic -> UK) (British Airways)

Leg 4 (UK -> Switzerland) (easyJet)

Leg 5 (Switzerland -> Croatia) (Croatian Airlines)

Leg 6 (Croatia -> Bulgaria) (Turkish Airlines)

Leg 7 (Bulgaria -> Mozambique) (Ethiopian Air)

Leg 9 (Swaziland -> United Arab Emirates) (South African Airways)

Leg 10 (United Arab Emirates -> Japan) (Cathay Pacific)

Leg 11 (Japan -> The Philippines) (Philippine Air)

Leg 12 (The Philippines -> USA) (Delta Airlines)

CLUE TEXT: Drive yourselves to the park where the westernmost point of Seattle is located, and search for your next clue at the entrance to the park, besides the ATVs.

Phil: Teams must now drive themselves to the park where the westernmost point of Seattle is located - Discovery Park, located in the district of Magnolia. Once at the entrance, they must search for their next clue by the parked ATVs.

CLUE TEXT: Make your way via ATVs to the Finish Line - West Point Lighthouse!

NOTE: This is it, GO, GO, GO!!!

Phil: Teams must now drive themselves to the finish line, West Point Lighthouse. At the westernmost point of Seattle, this giant lighthouse is now overlooking the finish line. The first team to check in here will win 1 million dollars and, The Amazing Race!

Additional Notes

All I need to say is 3 things. One, thank you to all judges, participants and of course, the host Kandace, for making this such a fun game to play in! Secondly (moving on to design points), yes there is a general flying theme to the leg, and that was done deliberately, and finally please excuse the quality of some of my pictures, I'm on an iPad so yeah... :( But anyways, I hope you enjoy both my wiki and final design, and hope to hear from judges, and followers, alike! :) Oh, and special shoutouts to Panama City, Simon Bolivar, Miami and mancala xo

PS: the RB example are all based on flights found on Kayak, they are rudimentary and not the only possible combinations  :)


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