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Who Will Win The Amazing Race 22?

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--- Quote from: Joab on May 05, 2013, 05:12:01 AM ---Brain: Bates and Anthony
Heart: Max and Katie
Gut: Bates and Anthony

--- End quote ---

LOL. That's 7 seasons in a row correctly predicted.

I picked the wrong winners since season 18!  :tantrum

I feel like Phil now. :lol3:

Yay! I picked correctly! :hoot:


TAR 18 I thought Gary & Mallory would win.
TAR 19 I thought Jeremy & Sandy would win.
TAR 20 I thought Brendon & Rachel would win.
TAR 21 I forgot who I predicted... I doubt I predicted Josh & Brent though!
TAR 22 I thought Mona & Beth would win.

 :gaah: :lol: The only time I got the winner right was TAR 17's Nat & Kat!

Hm...I picked correctly for this season once Max & Katie started doing well. It just felt like Bates & Anthony were waiting for the right moment to jump up to the front again.

My pre-season pick was Joey & Meghan. Now I'm not sure whether I should be glad that it didn't happen or not.


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