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Team Dread - already name right now.

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--- Quote from: Mug Costanza on May 03, 2013, 11:15:29 PM ---Is Team Dread M/M? Looks like the tag on the person in the blue pants (on the right in the airport photo) says Mike.

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Looks female to me and Polaroid thought it said Krista.

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How about a Kristen?

I know we don't have any photos of their dreadlock team's faces, but I thought their hair at least was somewhat similar and I figured I'd throw their names out there :lol:

Maybe Darren Trapp and Kristen Idiens, dating from Fairmount Hot Springs in BC? Just some spec, we'd need some more evidence but I'm just seeing what you all think!

Here's their Audition:

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Neither of those are confirmed as being 100% correct/accurate, so I'm leaving them out for now :tup:

This are them doing the lion's dance in Vancouver. It's not the better quality, but they look too much like in the video.

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Last two teams confirmed by Canadian media weeks ago:

Team red shirt M/M is Tim Hague Sr. and Tim Hague Jr. (known as "The Tims"), Father and Son
Team blue M/F is Brett Burstein and Holly Agostino, Married Doctors

I tried to send to Oval, but his inbox is full.


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