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Looks like there was a tenth leg. Yukon is confirmed.

"The first season of CTVís splashy reality import launches on Monday night after wrapping filming last month. Over the course of the 22-day shoot, the teams shot in 78 locations, hopped aboard more than 595 total domestic Air Canada flights, visited seven provinces and three territories and employed 12 different forms of transportation, including snowshoes and a golf cart."

New Brunsiwck, PEI and Manitoba skipped over.

We actually have evidence of this fact Leafsfan.

First, though, I think there's a typo in the Timeline Summary as we have two Leg 9's in the list above.

Anyways, onto the evidence.

Teams were spotted in Yellowknife. Among the places the flag was spotted was a Charter Flight Hanger.,28753.msg876692.html#msg876692

Then there was a single, unconfirmed sighting in a small town in the Yukon Territory:,28753.msg877023.html#msg877023

Not long after teams were spotted at the Whitehorse Airport:,28753.msg877591.html#msg877591

A quick search on Air Canada's website shows absolutely no direct flights from Yellowknife to Whitehorse. The only way to get from NWT to YK is with a charter flight. As well, even if we ignore the sightings at Whitehorse airport, their next stop in Regina pretty much seals the deal. If they were flying from Yellowknife to Regina, there is no way they would all fly to Vancouver first. Mainly because there are few to nil flights from Yellowknife to YVR. And it'd be faster for them to fly straight to Calgary anyways.

Honestly, I was wondering why the Whitehorse sightings were disregarded in the above timeline. In my head, they flew to Yellowknife and had a leg that stretched through two territories.

The reason Yukon was excluded was because there was only one unconfirmed sighting there and the airport sightings could just be teams taking a connecting flight -- Yukon was not 100% confirmed. The timing between 11-13th of May doesn't allow much time for three legs, one each in Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Regina. Traveling through Yellowknife AND Whitehorse/Carcross for one leg could fit though (or having them both in a double leg).

I've added Whitehorse in as part of leg 4 for now, clearly we can not longer exclude Yukon being visited. Thanks for your input guys :)


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