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TAR Canada Timeline
----------------------------Leg 1 (Niagara Falls, ON → Kelowna, BC )

Filmed:May 03 - 05Broadcast:July 15

Starting Line:Oakes Garden Theatre Park, Niagara Falls (source 1, source 2, source 3)
Route Info:Toronto, Ontario to Kelowna, British Columbia (source 1)
Flights:AC-115 Toronto (YYZ) to Vancouver (YVR)  5:01 pm-6:49 pm (source 1)
Route Info:Delta Grand Okanagan Hotel (source 1, source 2)
Route Info:Quails's Gate Winery (source 1)

Leg 2 (Kelowna, BC → Vancouver, BC )

Filmed:May 06 - 07Broadcast:July 22

Route Info:Fly from Kelowna (YLW) to Vancouver (YVR) (source 1)
Route Info:Travel by SkyTrain to Richmond Oval  (source 1, source 2, source 3)
Route Info:Cluebox at Millenium Gate in Chinatown (source 1)
Task:Dressing up a Chinese Dragon in Chinatown (source 1, source 2, source 3)
Pitstop:Vancouver Convention Centre (source 1, source 2)

Leg 3 (Vancouver, BC → Calgary, AB )

Filmed:May 08 - 09Broadcast:July 29

Route Info:Fly from Vancouver (YVR) to Calgary (YYC) (source 1)
Route Info:Ranchman's Cookhouse & Dancehall (source 1)
Route Info:Fifth Avenue Place (source 1)
Route Info:Drumheller, AB (source 1)
Route Info:Drumheller Badlands (source 1)
Route Info:Jurassic Inn (source 1)

Leg 4 (Calgary, AB → Yellowknife, NT → Whitehorse, YT )

Filmed:May 10 - 11Broadcast:?

Route Info:Fly from Calgary (YYC) to Yellowknife (YZF) (source 1, source 2)
Route Info:Pilots Monument (source 1, source 2, source 3)
Task:Jump into Great Slave Lake (source 1)
Route Info:Arctic Sunwest Chartered Flights Hanger (source 1)
Route Info:Travel to Carcross, YT (source 1)

Leg 5 (Whitehorse, YT → Regina, SK )

Filmed:May 12 - 13Broadcast:?

For a full overview and recap from the leg, read saskvagabond's recap of this leg here

Route Info:Travel from Whitehorse to Regina, SK (source 1)Route Info:Retrieve clue from airport parking attendant (source 1, source 2)
Route Info:Mosaic Stadium (source 1, source 2, source 3)
Detour:Performing a Cheerleading Routine OR run football obstacle course (source 1, source 2)
Route Info:Journalist booths at Mosaic Stadium (source 1,
Route Info:RCMP Heritage Center (source 1, source 2)
Route Info:Regina City Hall (source 1)
Task:Perform Ukrainian dance (source 1)
Task:Use a grain hopper to search for a clue in lentils, location unknown (source 1)
Pitstop:Wascana Park (source 1)

Leg 6 (Regina, SK → Quebec City, QC )

Filmed:May 14 - 15Broadcast:?

Route Info:Place Royale (source 1)
Task:Break block of ice / ice carving (source 1)
Route Info:St-Roch (source 1)
Route Info: Plains of Abraham (source 1)
Task:Play Lacrosse (source 1)

Leg 7 (Quebec City, QC → Iqaluit, NU )

Filmed:May 17 - 18Broadcast:?

Route Info:Fly to Iqaluit (via Ottawa & Montreal) (source 1)Flights:AC 8701Task:Translate Inuit clue (source 1)Task:Build igloos (source 1)

Leg 8 (Iqaluit, NU → Halifax, NS )

Filmed:May 19 - 20Broadcast:?

Route Info:Mahone Bay (source 1)Task:Visit Scarecrow Festival on Main Street  (source 1)Route Info:Lunenburg (source 1, source 2)Task:Ride lobster boats and catch lobsters  (source 1)Route Info:Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic (source 1)Route Info:The Grand Banker Bar (source 1)Route Info:Boscawen Inn (source 1)

Leg 9 (Halifax, NS → St John's, NL )

Filmed:May 21 - 22Broadcast:?

Route Info:The Rooms - St John's Culture Centre (source 1)Route Info:O'Briens Music Store (source 1)Task:Busk via playing Ugly Sticks (source 1, source 2, source 3)Route Info:"A Time" statue (source 1)Task:Lead Newfie dogs pulling carts through the streets (source 1, source 2)Pitstop:Cape Spear (source 1, source 2)

Leg 10 (St John's, NL → Toronto, ON )

Filmed:May 23 - 24Broadcast:?

For a full overview and recap from the leg, read WP's recap of this leg here and Kelsie_x's recap here

Route Info:L Tower (source 1, source 2)Route Info:Cadbury Candy Factory (source 1)Route Info:Toronto Zoo (source 1)Finish Line:Unknown

TAR Canada Contestants
M/FHal Johnson & Joanne McLeod - Married Body Break Hosts

Identified by:Leafsfan, WP and Caper (source 1, source 2, source 3)Sighted:Starting LineLast Sighted:Toronto Airport

F/FVanessa Morgan & Celina Mziray - Sisters

Identified by:?Sighted:Starting LineLast Sighted:Toronto Airport

M/MTim Hague Sr. and Tim Hague Jr. -  Father and Son

Identified by:?Sighted:Starting LineLast Sighted:Toronto Airport

M/MJamie Cumberland & Pierre Cadieux - Cowboys

Identified by:CTV RevealSighted:Starting LineLast Sighted:Toronto Airport

F/FTreena Ley & Tennille Dorrington - Twins

Identified by:CTV RevealSighted:Starting LineLast Sighted:Toronto Airport

M/FBrett Burstein and Holly Agostino - Married Doctors

Identified by:?Sighted:Starting LineLast Sighted:Toronto Airport

M/F Darren Trapp & Kristen Idiens - Dating

Identified by:ovalorangeSighted:Starting LineLast Sighted:Toronto Airport

M/MJody & Cory Mitic - Brothers

Identified by:Polaroid!Sighted:Starting LineLast Sighted:Toronto Airport

M/MJet Black & Dave Schram - Best Friends

Identified by:CTV RevealSighted:Starting LineLast Sighted:Toronto Airport


Beautiful Oval <3

Oval at the Richmond Oval they were doing a speed skating task



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