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Mickey Henry and Pete Schmalz - The Chill Bros

"Keep calm and carry on, dude" is your motto. Why get worked up over things? Panicking never helped anyone. Besides, life is about the journey, right? Although winning would be pretty rad.

Did not expect that at all  :funny:


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--- Quote from: Leafsfan on July 07, 2014, 04:40:09 PM ---What Amazing Race Canada 2 team would you be on?

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Yay I'm Shahla & Nabeela  :funny:

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I'm got same result as you did. Luckily, I'm Muslim.

I got Pete & Mickey.  :funny:
A couple of those choices sounded more like Sheldon the one about the keys being in a specific designated spot.

Tonight at 7 (Eastern), Friday July 11, eTalk is devoting their entire show to a preview of Season 2. If there is anything worth noting, I will let you know. I can't promise, but once it is put on their site, I may grab screencaps of anything "spoilery".

'Amazing Race Canada' to air mid-season 'After the Race' special next week
TORONTO -- The teams eliminated in the first half of "The Amazing Race Canada" will get another chance in the spotlight next week.
The sixth episode of the race 'round-the-world will be followed by "After the Race," a mid-season special held at CTV headquarters.
In front of a live studio audience, TSN's James Duthie will interview the teams thus far eliminated and look back at the first half of the epic reality race.
So far, the three teams eliminated have been friends Shahla Kara and Nabeela Barday, Halifax parents Jen and Shawn King and Toronto married couple Laura Takahashi and Jackie Skinner.
The fifth episode of "The Amazing Race Canada" was to air Tuesday night, with a visit to the Yukon in the plans.
In a statement, Duthie called himself a "die-hard" fan of the show and vowed to ask the eliminated pairs: "What the heck were you thinking?"

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