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According to the Huffington Post - we may find out when TAR CA will be broadcast during the finale of TAR US this weekend...

--- Quote --- HuffPost Canada TV  |  By Chris Jancelewicz Posted: 05/01/2013 3:09 pm EDT  |  Updated: 05/01/2013 3:43 pm EDT
With the latest American version of "The Amazing Race" approaching the finish line, Canadians are thirsting for the promised Canadian iteration. Since auditions closed at the end of February, we haven't heard a peep about the show.

Until now.

During Sunday's second-last episode of "Amazing Race" Season 22 on CTV, there was a brief commercial for "Amazing Race Canada." All it said was: "Mondays, This Summer on CTV." Very cryptic, CTV, very cryptic.

Thousands of Canadians across the country auditioned for the show, sending in humourous videos and showing off why they should represent their towns and provinces on the Race. Here at HuffPost Canada, we got an interesting selection sent to us as well. Whichever contestants were chosen, we're sure they'll be entertaining.

No host has been announced thus far, but we'll keep you posted as soon as it happens. Keep your eyes peeled during the "Amazing Race" finale this Sunday at 8 p.m. on CTV -- we're betting that another announcement will be made (but that's just a guess).
--- End quote ---

Well that didn't take long :lol:

Amazing Race filming in Niagara Falls
Contestants taking part in the Amazing Race Canada dashed through Niagara Falls Friday filming for an episode of the upcoming reality series.

Production company staff revealed little, saying they didn’t want to reveal the show’s content before it airs. The same official asked no photos be taken at the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory, where filing had wrapped up.

The show, a Canadian version of the perennial Emmy Award winner for Best Reality Series, will air this summer on the CTV television network.

The format of the series will pit teams of two in a race across Canada. The number of teams competing and the grand prize have not been announced by CTV.'s%20on/article/1613262--amazing-race-filming-in-niagara-falls

Team Body Break made news for trying out. Surprisingly they were cast.

Body Break duo sets sights on Amazing Race Canada
The Amazing Race Canada is set to start filming in spring and it promises to have a huge following, particularly if two Canadian fitness icons make it on the show.

Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, stars of the Body Break commercials that have been on air since the ’80s, are hopeful contestants and their audition tape is already a hit online.

The two-minute clip shows the wholesome couple wearing matching tracksuits and chatting about their active lifestyles.

“We’re big, huge, enormous fans of the show. You might say that we’ve been training for this all these years,” says Johnson.

Their audition video:

Was it a Niagara Falls launch for Amazing Race Canada?
It looked like The Amazing Race. It sounded like The Amazing Race. But no one would confirm it was The Amazing Race filming down by the Falls Friday morning.

“We have no comment on what went on here today,” said a member of the crew as she was packing up her gear. And while other crew members were friendly, none would say whether it was The Amazing Race – Canadian edition – filming near Oakes Garden Theatre.

But seasoned fans of the show know the drill: Teams of two people line up, get the clues to their route, then bolt for their vehicles – in this case, brightly-coloured cars which had been parked nearby overnight.

Friday morning, several Twitter users started posting photos of the set-up along the Parkway, just outside The Secret Garden restaurant.

“Amazing Race Canada just started in Niagara Falls,” Tweeted former resident Kim MacDonald.

Mike Ditizio said he was “95%” sure he watched The Amazing Race “being filmed from my work window right now! Pretty awesome to witness.”

Secret Garden server George Firth filmed the start of the race on his phone, as contestants ran towards their cars. Tweets later in the day indicated the teams were at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

“Nobody knew about it,” said Firth, who said crew members guarded the cars overnight. “You didn’t see (the players) until today.”

While he couldn’t identify any of the players (CTV has yet to announce the cast), Firth said there was at least one “set of hot twins.”

The show’s Wikipedia page said the starting line for the race would be in Niagara Falls, with a visit to the Butterfly Conservatory also mentioned for Friday.

Niagara Parks spokesperson Tony Baldinelli said staff signed confidentiality agreements forbidding them from identifying what show was being filmed.

The Amazing Race Canada is expected to air this summer, and is based on the Emmy-winning U.S. version currently airing its 22nd edition. While the U.S. version frequently has teams jaunting around the world, the Canadian version will take place entirely in Canada. Destinations won’t be revealed until each broadcast.

It will mark the 12th international version of the show.

Firth says the hubbub was over quickly Friday. The teams grabbed their backpacks and were gone within ten minutes. By noon, some tourists had no clue the show was even there.

Firth says it was better than most movie shoots along the Parkway, which can tie up traffic and disrupt schedules.

“Sometimes, they can be more of a pain.


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