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Any TAR Canada Media Day sightings, advertising sightings, or related promotional sightings can now go HERE:,29106.0.html

(if I posted this in the wrong place, please forgive, for I am but a noob)

I was curious about the sneak peak of Ep 1 showing Vanessa and Celina (possibly a roadblock, since it's just Celina), and in one shot you could clearly see what looks to be an old railroad trestle, so l did a little research. Thank you Google Maps. They are on the Kettle Valley Railroad Trail, just outside Kelowna. On a hunch I checked out the Myra Canyon Ranch...they have an online guestbook. Here are two entries:

"Our stay with this endlessly hospitable family was a huge pleasure with wonderful food in a beautiful home ! Thank you for providing a great holiday while we were at work on the Bellevue trestle. I'll speak for the six of us in saying that we all look forward to coming for visit again soon ! Amazing Race Canada rigging team, 2.May 2013" (name withheld)

Your place made our 6 days working at the trestles into a work holiday. Thank you for the hospitality, beautiful place, juice and food. Awesome !  Amazing Race Canada rigging team, 2. May 2013 (name withheld)


:bigwelcome to RFF, WindsorSue!!

That is a wonderful find, thank you so much for sharing it! Location, rigging, production hotel, this is a FIND! :hearts:

The video Sue is referring to can be found here, thanks to Leafsfan!,29084.msg900013.html#msg900013

Finish Line:

With help from WP

Screencap over Google Earth

Probably the Royal Canadian Yacht club:

Notice the reflection on the side of the door...the roofline of the Yacht Club? It would make a great finish line...secluded plus a nice run to the mat.


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