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I only see 9 cars and 9 backpacks...


--- Quote from: walkingpneumonia on May 03, 2013, 10:41:07 AM ---And so it begins!

Elliott Smith ‏@ElliottChirps 3m

@vikeslaura MT @1057ezrock AMAZING RACE CANADA is in #NiagaraFalls today. Matching cars on left, backpacks on right.

--- End quote ---

I see 9 sets of backpacks and 9 cars. Must be 9 teams for TAR Canada. I don't know if that was already known or not.

Oops, I see WP just said that! I didn't look at the top of the picture for text.

Congratulations on your new title, by the way.  :keeta:

95% sure I watching the #amazingrace being filmed from my work window right now! Pretty awesome to witness! #niagarafalls #Canada


WP has contacted

FYI: The Amazing Race Canada is filming in Niagara Falls Ontario today - start line is on River road by the Rainbow Bridge.



I believe this is the general area of the Start line!


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