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Really sad that Amber's eliminated. But, I agree that her performance is inconsistent, sometimes really good, sometimes just bad!

--- Quote from: Joab on May 02, 2013, 11:57:09 PM ---
--- Quote ---I'm hoping for an Angie and Candice final. That would be incredible.
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Me too. I used to think Kree is really good and current until Lovesong by Candice. :lol3:

Candice and Angie finale, both with different styles and everything.. I think it would be ANYBODY'S show to lose OR win. :luvya:

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Yeah. Kree's performance is good, but not as good as Candice nor Angie. I admit that her performance is really forgettable (sorry Kree fans), because she doesn't have that unique factor to be remembered.

If Candice are Angie are in the final, then this will be the best final ever! I'll be happy with both winner, although I personally hope that Candice will win, because I'm sure that Angie will be famous post-idol and get a record deal even that she doesn't win, and Candice still need that title to make her famous post-idol. Sometimes I think that an incredible voice doesn't mean that your record will be famous, because people tend to judge the quality of the song by its singer's look, and I think that Candice don't have that factor compared to Angie.

I hate to say this.. but nobody remembers Amber now.


--- Quote from: Dobby on May 23, 2013, 01:59:28 PM ---I hate to say this.. but nobody remembers Amber now.

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The one... whom producers/judges tried to push forth each week and even gave a standing ovation when she clearly doesn't deserve it. :lol3:

Wow... I don't remember her either!  :ascared

And except for whateverhis name was who forgot the words.. I don't remember any of the guys either.


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