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--- Quote from: Joab on May 02, 2013, 12:26:53 PM ---If you ask me, I thought Amber and Angie were both bad yesterday. And I hate it that Kree continues to get thrown under the bus by the judges.

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I don't understand it either, she probably is the most marketable of the four. I also think Angie is superstar material but they continually say they expect more from her, she wasn't good enough. Kree will have an incredible career. She doesn't really need AI now.

And yesterday's Carrie Underwood performance showed how current Kree is. I completely agree this is the correct Top 3 in a long long time ever. And I also suspect Candice to be the bottom 2, because if I'm not wrong, they want to send Candice home next. (Keeping Candice there at the bottom again will ensue her voters to vote crazily for her)

I believe their initial idea was to send Kree home because Angie would get all her votes? Now they realised they are never gonna get Kree out easily, they gotta keep the 2 most marketable people in the F2... Which is Kree and Angie now, after Amber left.

I think Amber sings really mediocre at times... And have no idea how she got standing O again and again.

Amber's hit and miss. Sad that she left... I feel like these final 4 girls should just stay forever. :lol:

I'm hoping for an Angie and Candice final. That would be incredible.


--- Quote ---I'm hoping for an Angie and Candice final. That would be incredible.
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Me too. I used to think Kree is really good and current until Lovesong by Candice. :lol3:

Candice and Angie finale, both with different styles and everything.. I think it would be ANYBODY'S show to lose OR win. :luvya:

Phew... I was so worried that Kree or Angie would leave tonight since Amber was in the bottom two last week and her fans might vote like mad. Thankfully it was Amber who left... I have nothing against her, but out of the 4, she's probably the one who should leave. Plus, I can never understand how the judges stand for almost all of her performances.

I think Kree is awesome. Awesome person, awesome singer. But I'm most of the time disappointed in her song choices. It gives me a feeling that her fighting spirit isn't as strong as the other two. Perhaps it's 'cause the judges haven't really been giving her credit hence the discouragement?

Angie and Kree have been an obvious top 2 since the beginning. But what's obvious normally doesn't turn out the case. I'm beginning to believe that Candice really could slide in between the two. Whatever it is, I just hope Angie is in the finale. 'Cause if Candice were up against Kree, I think the former would win.

Angie FTW!!


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