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Kree is finally doing a Carrie Underwood! Angie and Candice's song choices looks good... Amber... Her 2013 song... I can't imagine her doing Pink...? What?

Interesting Pink song for Amber to pick... I thought she would have picked Try or something like that. I think Angie could have picked a better song than Diamonds, but whatever. Really excited for Candice performing When I Was Your Man!

Strange song title for Candice but I think she can really do well with this one.

I think Angie will do a piano version of 'Diamonds' and WOW the judges with a "different" rendition for the song.

Amber is going to crash and burn. She's no Allison Iraheta and she can't do Pink. That's what I believe... maybe I'm wrong.


Amber: Complete train wreck. It's so karaoke-ish. -_-

Grade: C-


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