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Live Feed Updates Friday-Wednesday 4/26/13- 5/1/13

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Jillian how are we going to get gary up in the HO room

 Emmet what to scare him?

 Emmett just say that you want to ask him something when you are in the HOH

Jillian is going to wait it out for gary.. in the HOH to scare him

 Emmett i'll stay here and wait for him

Emmett just  went up and scared talla in the shower

Talla I could have cut myself!

 JIllian is waiting on gary to come up to the HOH

Jillian is so excited to scare gary

 Emmett is up on the HOH now..

Emmett they are building something big out there

Jillian is excited that gary is out of the DR and she is ready to scare him and we loss the feeds completely!! :ugot

And that's the end of the Live Feed Footage coverage for this Big Brother Canada Season 1! :waves:


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