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Live Feed Updates Friday-Wednesday 4/26/13- 5/1/13

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Feeds are back the HG's are all dressed up.. not sure if it was for a comp or a Final 4 party

Seems like Talla is super ticked off. she keeps saying so :dick RUDE it's like my opinion doesnt matter.. I was just trying to tell a story but it doesnt matter
Talla Im supposed to be happy right now

 Gary in the kitchen was making fun of something and Jillian dropped to the floor laughing.

Emett we wer locked out for a long time.

 Emmett Lala are you  mad that  i  cut you off?

 talla it's ok.

 Emmett you are in the spot light all the time and talk all the time..

Talla it's ok.. im fine

Emmett  i dont talk alot and when i do talk i shouldnt get in trouble for talking

 Emmett are you mad at gary

 Talla no..

 Emmett is it something that someone said

 talla it's fine

 Emmett we lived with each other for 67 days..  we know how each other acts

 Emmet i said 15 sentences  out there.. i didnt mean to cut anyone off. i always listen..

Emmett you are in the spot light more than anyone.. more than gary..

 Emmett i hate to tell you  if you think that you are not but you are..

 talla I have a million insecurities.. and that was my time to share..

 Emmett you should of piped up.. you talk every other time

 Talla  im sorry..

 gary interupts them  with a mrs potato head  or sqaush. :duno: :lol3:

Emmett you will get called into the DR and you will be able to tell them in ther what you were trying to say

 Gary BB can we get more alcohol?

 Jillian laughs


The HG's had a read carpet and were asked questions. Unsure if it was fan/ viewer or just production doing interviews..

They also got booze and gary got to eat for the time being.. but he's back on slop

Jillian is :hosed:  :lol3:  Jillian and talla are bouncing around and  talking silly..

 Jilian says that we cant keep these outfits..


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