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Andrew evicted 2-0


Gary is on slop till the end of HIS game

Gary is in the kitchen making something. (I thought he was on slop  :lol3:)

Talla by herself on one of the pool chairs. (Note show is filmed earlier hence why it seems like they went into the bg so quickly after the challenge).

Absolute silence, until Talla says BB I need my red bandana. She says its in the dr and said she is going in. Emmett is in the dr.

Gary comes into the by without his jail costume. Talla gives off the weirdest laugh and says so funny  :lol3: She says so much makeup on my face.

Talla says she loves sleeping.

Talla screams WHAT!! Talla begs to get her bandana -_-

She screams we meet again and they shut of her mic lol

talla out back by herself..

gary still working on his condiment chips..

Talla asks Gary is she should go to bed.

Talla says we need to see your HOH room to Jillian

Jillian is putting makeup on

Talla is speaking like a 7 year old  :gaah:

Talla says milkman

Camera focuses on Jillian

Emmett weighs himself 197 pounds

Emmett says we have to wait for the veto. They were whispering I couldn;t make out what they were saying

Camera focuses on an empty washroom

Emmett and Talla throwing the football around in the by

Gary says Emmett I am working out tomorrow. Talla says me too :lol:

Talla says how was I supposed to catch this to Emmett and he says with your hands  :lol3:

Emmett is not happy with how Talla can't catch or throw the footall to him. He says you only catch every fourth one and you suck lol

Ball falls into pool. Talla says it was a good throw. Emmett says that was a crap throw like all your others.

Nothing much happening

ALL HG's sleeping

 Emmet's in Jillian's HOH bed. so much for putting distance between  jill right Emmett! :groan:

Talla in main room alone

 Gary in have not room


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