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Oh totally expected. Amber is still going home next week. After Amber goes home, her votes will transfer to Candice. And then Kree will go home in third place... TO WHICH HER VOTES WILL TRANSFER TO ANGIE.

I think this will be an exciting finale between Candice and Angie. :lol3:

Totally forgot that Kree now has all of Janelle's votes and some of them might have went to Angie too.

HMMM... This will be interesting and I like your theory Joab.

Some Youtube numbers:

Angie - "Who You Are" - 454,732 views - 96.0% approval
Amber - "The Power of Love" - 80,544 views - 94.3% approval
Candice - "Find Your Love" - 64,274 views - 90.8% approval
Kree - "It Hurt So Bad" - 30,803 views - 77.3% approval

Surprisingly, Amber has MANY fans on Youtube. :oh

It's nowhere close... lol. That's pretty much how I felt about the night too. Amber singing "The Power of Love" was really good though, so that's understandable...

And I think Kree is just really boring. Still.

Kree need to sing some really recent songs. Like Carrie Underwood or what.


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