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Your Top 2: Angie, Candice
Your Bottom 2: Kree and Amber
Your Elimination: Amber

America's Top 2: Angie, Candice
America's Bottom 2: Kree and Amber
America's Elimination: Amber will have the lowest votes. BUT NO ELIMINATION. It's gonna be another night of Top 4 to fill up the NO SAVE used.

Best Performance Of the Night:  Angie (Who You Are by Beyonce)
Worst Performance Of the Night: Amber's (MacArthur Park) --> Complete Trainwreck

Who will be revived: "Amber"

Its jessie j not beyonce right? :)

I edited from last week's post and left Beyonce there accidentally. :lol3:

lol my predictions are the same as Joab so...

Amber goes through crazy highs and lows... Really inconsistent. Candice didn't do herself justice with her song choices... Kree just completely bores me now. Angie won the night... but I felt like none of the performances last night were AMAZING. I guess I'm still waiting for another Lovesong moment lol.

And I didn't know the save could still be used... how dumb is that, lol.

What? They mentioned the SAVE can still be used?????????????????


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