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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/25/13

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Talla when Andrew won the Brick gift card he was like glad i won it cuz I at least own a home.. and I was like my my owns a home and  likes The Brick and needs a new dishwasher.. and that pissed me off..

 Gary mumbles.

 talla OK BYE!!~ and walks out to the kitchen and says MY :boobs: feel big! :lol3:

Andrew's hair is starting to grow back in. he said that he might want to cut that mohawk off before the live show

 Talla is eating cereal

Jillian is having coffee

OK Talla's is TWEAKING OUT!! she's all weird right now 

Emmett heads downstairs after his shower but has to go back up because he forgot his mic

Andrew can't deal with talla's crazy morning stories

 Andrew this is why i complain! :iok

 Andrew heads to :HT area and  we get HUSH HUSH on the feeds

  i'll be back later on :waves:

gary broke a glass last night and some got in his eye so he left the BB house (assume ER)

 Emmet while cutting Gary's hair : How's your eye

Gary it's good and Im supposed to tell yo guys nothing about it

 Emmett oh ok  :lol3: 


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