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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/25/13

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Talla came in second..

Talla we finally made the F4..

 Jillian what am i going to do.. it's not going to matter.. who is on the block.. it's whoever gets POV is safe..

Talla do you think Emmett would take gary over me?

 Jillian no..

 Talla would that piss you off?

 Jillain umm..


Jillian almost eats it heading to the :HT

 Back over by the pool they are noticing that the pool is higher..

Jillian says she still feels guilty about putting aneal on the block..

 gary what about me

 Jillian you were a pawn..  but you won pov.. and then danielle offered and then retracted..   and the house turned on me and  they voted out Danielle.

Talla i found out last minute.

 Jillian.. i was like what happened..and they were like you got no power B

 gary i was out of the loop..

Gary Alec ran this house

 talla WHAT?? no i dont think so

 Jillian yeah i disagree with that..

Jillian there was always people that were edoing too much game talking

 gary yeah people didnt chill.. people just isolated from everyone.. and there wasn't enough group time to get to know each other with our walls down.. cuz that';s what it's about  :lies: it's a game..

Talla I feel we are in a good position

 gary went into the kitchen to check his mustard chips

Talla has a fantasy  about the DR voice  guy and  gets called out for talking about production


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