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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/25/13

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After Emmett cut Gary's hair he brought his smoothie to the kitchen and scooped out the top parts cuz hair was in it! :eww:

Emmett is now re blending his smoothie!

HG are on iside lockdown

 Jillian and Andrew jedi training

 Talla in the shower and Gary plucking his eyebrows in the bathroom

Andrew to jillian you think talla and Gary are teaming up?

 Jillian yes..

Apparently the HG's got a flash of images that they will be tested on for the HOH? Almost like a rewind for them of the challenges , tasks POV's

Andrew to jillian: I think Emmett and gary have something..

 Jillian doesnt acknowledge it too much

 Andrew oh well i better pack up my bag tight tonight

Emmett out in the kitchen

 Jillian what were you 2 talking about

 Emmett mumbles

 Jillian why???

 Gary comes out and game talk stops

Emmett heads up to HOH

 Gary is cleaning his slop bucket

 Jillian what the hell was that?

gary im hoping it will come back to me

 Jillian i dont even remember the order

 Jillian heads up to HOH to get her stuff

Emmet and Jillian talk..

JIllian Im scared that you gave away the order

 Emmett no

 Jillian I think Gary was trying to see what i would say.. and he said it 2x's and thn i was like if he said it once it's a joke but he said it 2x's

 Emmett just dont say too much

 Jillian he said that wouldnt it be better fi it was me you and talla.. and I was like no no no.. I was like  it's an option..


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