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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/25/13

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Emmett won HOH challenge  Brick By Brick

Emmett Nominated  Gary and Andrew  to be on the block

Dan Gheesling enters the Big Brother Canada House for an overnighter and to give advice

Gary won POV The Price of VETO (How bad do you want it )

Gary has to wear a prison outfit with a ball and chain for 1 week,  is on slop till he leaves, No shower/water/pool/Hot Tub for 1 week, Had to stay awake for 24 hrs

Talla had to cut up all  the clothes she was wearing and won a slop pass

Emmett took the $1000(but has not told anyone)

Andrew got a mohawk from Dan

Jillian had to be a bathroom attendant for a day

Gary used Veto on himself

Emmett names Talla as the replacement Nominee

Talla and Andrew are on the block up for Eviction

9:15 am in the BB Can House and we have HUSH HUSH :duno:

HG's are up.

 Talla thinks that andrew is going to stay.. she's trying to get info from gary

Jillian and Emmett are doing their morning routine in the HOH

Talla you are not voting for him to stay

 Gary  honestly when you asked me that question it pissed me off.. i never went back on my word.. and that sucks

 talla really>

 Talla are you worried

 Gary i just hope that  you will see that it's not a conversation to be had

 gary then why are we talking

 Talla ok.. yo are saying shut up Talla!!

Talla heads outside. Andrew is on the sofa in the kitchen area

 talla heads to the  :HT area to see if the is sun
, there is she says GORGEOUS DAY!! and turns around and heads back. all the while mumbling why wouldn't andrew be upset.. are you kidding me! :lol: she talks to herself alot

Talla back to gary in the bathroom..  Andrew is beyond upset that the twist happened

 Gary well it happened.. and  he has to get over it.. if it didnt happen  he would have been next anyway..

Talla he's upset that his HOH meant nothing

Gary he got a letter..  he's got to suck it up


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