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Who Would You Vote For At A Season's FTC?

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OH GABON... How could I!


China : Todd
Guatemala : Danni.

These are the only 2 seasons i've watched.  :lol3:

I would have voted Amanda to win both times. She played a good game BUT gosh... She's a bad speaker and did not know how to rally for votes. She would have won FvF if she had been more outspoken. -__-

Glamazon Racer:
From the seasons I have seen:

Australia: Colby
Guatemala: Stephenie (tough one)
Cook Islands: Yul
Micronesia: Parvati
Gabon: Sugar
Samoa: Russell
HvV: Parvati (close one with Russell)
Nicaragua: Chase
Redemption Island: Phillip (lol, Rob obviously played best, but Phillip <3)
South Pacific: Coach (robbed)
One World: Chelsea
Philippines: Lisa

Borneo: Hatch
Australia: Colby
Africa: Ethan
Marquesas: Neleh
Thailand: Brian
Amazon: Jenna
Pearl Islands: Sandra
All Stars: Amber
Vanuatu: Chris
Palau: Tom
Guatemala: Stephenie
Panama: Aras
Cook Islands: Yul
Fiji: Earl
China: Amanda
Micronesia: Parvati
Gabon: Bob
Tocantins: Stephen
Samoa: Russell
Heroes vs. Villains: Parvati
Nicaragua: Fabio
Redemption Island: Rob
South Pacific: Coach
One World: Kim
Philippines: Denise


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