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Who Would You Vote For At A Season's FTC?

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The title is pretty self explanatory. :lol:

With the seasons I have watched:

Samoa: Natalie. She wasn't completely mindless and I don't think Russell could have gotten that far without her, and actually knew how to play a social game.
HvV: Either Parvati or Sandra. Both played quite reasonable games IMO.
Nicaragua: Sash. I have no clue how Fabio won. At all.
RI: Rob. :lol:
SoPa: Sophie.
Philippines: Denise of course.

China: Todd
Guatemala: Stephenie  :res: Danni won because of bitter jury.
Nicaragua: Chase
RI: Rob
SoPa: Sophie(lol who was in the final 3)
One World:Kim
Philippines: Denise

Palau: Tom
Guatemala: Danni
Exile Island: Aras
Cook Islands: Yul
Fiji: Earl
China: Amanda
FvF: Amanda
Tocantins: JT

Reilly Queens:
Borneo: Kelly
Australia: Colby
Africa: Ethan
Marquesas: Neleh
Thailand: Bryan
Amazon: Jenna
Pearl Islands: Lillian
All Stars: Amber
Vanuatu: Chris
Palau: Tom
Guatemala: Stephenie
Exile Island: Danielle
Cook Islands: Ozzy
Fiji: Earl
China: Courtney
Micronesia: Parvati
Gabon: Sugar
Tocantins: JT
Samoa: Natalie
Heroes vs Villains: Parvati
Nicaragua: Chase
Redemption Island: Rob
South Pacific: Sophie
One World: Kim
Philippines: Lisa

Philippines: Lisa
One World: Kim
Nicaragua: Fabio (none)
RI: Rob
SoPa: Sophie
Samoa: Natalie
HvV: Sandra

There's a season after Tocantins which I completely forgot. Can somebody remind me lol


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