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They are discussing the game before Gary came back. Everyone knows lol

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Emett says Talla looked like a three year old putting stuff on a fridge.

Jillian briefing Gary on the iceberg competition. (looks like Jillian trying to defend her moves  :res:)

Talla heads into the DR and is ready to go to bed

 Andrew is drying off from the pool

Gary is grilling Jillian and Emmett with the info he got from being in the jury house with Topaz

 Jillian knows that Gary heard crap about her so she wants to clear it up..

Gary says that he didnt get any info about jillian cuz they didnt have time

Jillian rehashing the ICEBERG deal  she made with Topaz

Gary thinks they were were Peter.

He says we can make final 3. He says its time to redeem himself.

Gary says he doesn't trust Talla or Andrew.

LOL Gary surprised Emett flipped off BB

Gary says Peter was throwing comps (he was)

He says Mama Emeett if your son evicts me ____ (I missed it).

Gary says he would have voted emett had he made final 2 with Jillian.

None of the feeds are working for me  :oh

Gary can you please tell me why you are not putting both of them up

 Emmett one of them are going home.. you have to go up..

Emmett Alec had that in the bag.. he DQ'd himself..

Gary oh Alec told me about that.

Gary I just want to play with you guys and not be a mofo

 Emmett you dont even trust me to play in the veto..
 Gary that was the only one.. it was more my ego thinking..  i said F it.. that i was going to win.. and no one knew we were working together..

 Emmett I could ahve won it and taken you off.. i could have covered the tracks

 Gary you couldnt have covered that up

 Emmett yeah I could have.. I wasn't going to stick out  for covering for you if you didnt for me.

Emmett i would have won and it would ahve kept me jillian and yo safe

 Gary.. I regret it.. sorry

 Gary  you felt that you couldnt trust me?

 Emmett when did you ever tell me that you ahd that F4 with them

 Gary never

 Emmett that's right..  all smug

 gary I didnt  want that in the air.. I didnt have an alliance.. I didnt want that to confuse you

 Emmett gary what do you think im a 3 year old child?

Emmett is getting snotty! :bags

 Emmett if you want trust then you have to trust me.. and yo should have showed me..


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