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Jillian and Emett in the HOH. They are discussing jury votes. He says Peter will likely vote him.

Tom wanted to send Andrew out in third week.  Emmett says he saved him a lot he says. He asks what Andrew has done for him.

Emmett says you work together to get here but you don't win together.

Emmett says maybe we should get out Talla. Emmett says if Talla and Gary are in the final 2 are gonna vote for Talla. Jillian says no way Talla can win. Emmett says Gary has no chance against Talla so us two are the better option.

$20k is the second prize

Jillian thinks it will be a close call.  Emmet is sure he doesn't have Talla's vote.

Now back to their daily make out session  :lol3:

Emmett says he might have Alec's vote. Jillian says Topaz hates her (no duh  :lol3:) and Emmett says Aj will vote however Andrew wants him too.

Jillian says whoever wins between them has to take the other one out for dinner everytime  :lol3: Looks like these two are gonna get hitched after the show. Jillian says it wouldn't be smart to drop the 20k on his student loan.

Emmett says Andrew is going to get pissed so might as well tell him him slowly. Jillian says why not tell him we are going with the house like you did with Peter last week. Looks like Andrew is going to be the fifth member of the jury.

Jillian and Emmett playing chess. Emmett says try to beat me because I am bored of winning lol

Looks like they will be playing chess.

I am switching cameras.

Gary is sunbathing with his jail costume  :lol3: in the outside

Andrew and Gary talking about voting back people.

Andrew says expect the unexpected.

Camera zooms on the ball attached to Gary's leg  :lol3:

Nothing much happening so I am going to head out

April 24.
Andrew and Emmett in the hot tub and Andrew mentions how hard it is to get tourism to NFLD.

Not a lot of game talk.

Gary, Talla and Jillian in the bedroom. Gary says he can't wait to eat. 

All 3 of them sound very sleepy  :lol3:

Talla asks them does she look like a turnip and says she is hungry

Talla for some reason keeps saying the short form of some words -_-

Complete silence.

Talla says chess is hard Gary says its easy

Literally nothing is going on

Andrew and Emmett are saying they will be back for allstars the season has to be renewed first boys!

Talla is making garlic bread

there is NOTHING happening right now or all week! :ugot


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