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Live Feed Updates Friday-Wednesday 4/19/13- 4/24/13

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Gary's checking himself out in the mirror under gary glitter moose

Emmett did you feel comfortable in your game?

 Dan the first time no.. the second time yeah..  cuz i had confidence on the second time

Andrew is complaining to Jillian that  Dan is  hanging out alot with Emmett ahh but everyone likes emmett.. oh well

 Andrew is going to :poop:

 Gary back from the :HT area

Production comes over and says DAN

 Dan yes

 Production: I hate to do this but please..


if dan is gone when the feeds come back  im taking a break from updating

Seems like  Dan is gone and gary is depressed in the have not room

 Jillian andrew and emmett are cracking up about how dan did his  first speech in the house and how  he was going to evict one of them

 Andrew gary thinks im mean for mocking him

 Jillian im a a complainer to emmett.. im typically not a whiner

 Andrew we'll see when you get out


Talla is passed out on the sofa  in the kitchen

on that note im taking a long break..  :waves:


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