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Gary Topaz helped  keep me in the game with Tom

 Emmett that wasn't Topaz that was me

 Gary oh?? she siad she did

 Emmett yo see what im saying.. you are saying all these little things.. .. if there is trust you should have said  all that stuff
gary I told yo the majority of things.. .. I understand what I had to say

 Emmett all you had to say was in case i found out

Jillian downstairs brushing her teeth telling talla that she is good not to worry.

 talla oh ok. but if he wins then i will worry..

Jillian he's up there playing chess with emmett


Gary gets to sleep in the  bedroom by himself.

Jillian is sleeping back up in the HOH

Gary if  you use the veto take me off and put up talla

 Emmett i would keep you up there to get you straightened out

 gary whyyyyyyy I'd go home

 gary the odds  are in our favor.

 Emmett how would you go home.. tala votes to evict you.. and jillian votes to keep yo.. and who is the tie breaker?? me.

Gary I ahve been on your side from day one

 Emmett no you weren't. you might have  said that.. but your loyalty wasnt there

 Emmett no  that wasn't the case.. you didnt put me in the veto..

 Gary I had my reasons..

 emmett when you ahd the chance.. I said F it.. im done

 gary I didnt know it ewasa that big of a deal.. and I never beleieved that alec and peter were going to save me.. so why would i tell yo

 Emmett cuz I could find out and it it looks like you got deals all over the place..

 gary i know how it looks..

 Emmett that's why i said you made your bed and you sleep in it..

 gary I trust you so much.. dont say that..

Emmett slips and says that Emmett tom peter and alec were working together..

Gary Alec told me that Tom wanted me gone..

Emmett stop saying shit that alec said..

Gary dont get locked into that shit (jillian)

Gary im not friends with her.. you are the only one i trust in this house.

Emmett  what if i save you and then you put me on the block next week..

Emmett yells at gary becuase Gary said that he  "wanted that bitch out"

Emmett stop saying that shit..  what are yo a child?? I want you in the F2 cuz i know i can beat you at the end.. not cuz I like yo

 gary all i want is 20 grand.

 gary i could have been talking about talla.

 Gary..  i just dont like what jillian did..

 Emmet she is a vote.. now let that shit go!!

 Gary I dont think Talla deserves to be here

 Emmett no one does..


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