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Peter evicted 2-0 vote

Gary voted back in the house

Emmett won HOH challenge  Brick By Brick

4/19/13 Emmett put Gary and Andrew on the block and are up for eviction

4/20/13 Dan Gheesling enters the Big Brother Canada House for an over nighter

4/20/13 Gary won POV The Price of VETO

 Talla had to  cut up all her clothes

Andrew got a mohawk from Dan

Jillian has to be a bathroom attendant for a day

Gary has to wear a prison outfit with a ball and chain and is on slop  for a whole week

Talla won a slop pass

No one is owning up to winning the $1000 

Jillian listening to music and asks the other two to tap her if she needs her

Emett says Andrew and Gary will go up to Gary. And he says Andrew will go if he doesnt win veto

Gary says he kept his word. He is saying he was rooting for them.

They are saying Andrew had ridiculous deals with everyone. Gary says really? I was only protected by Topaz.

Gary says why didn't you believe me?

Gary says why didn't you believe me. He is trying to make a final 3. He says he would have backstabbed Topaz to go with you two.

Gary says he got voted back in because he was honest and Canada likes it.

Gary says Alec said Emett hates him. He says its a lie and B.S.

Jillian says she feels guilty for voting out Gary.

Emmett says he didn't because he had deals with everyone.

Gary says only deal he had final 2 with Talla since day 2 but never talked about again.

Emmett is trying to BS Gary about the voting situation

Gary why didnt you guys believe me i was with you guys from the get go..

 Emmett i told you that it didnt look good for you..

gary you think i would make a F4 alliance with them?  I would be #4 I would be better off with you guys!

Gary says Alec is a liar.

Gary says he was crying in the jury house.

Talla I didnt think i could trust gary after you told me that gary said  he wanted me up.. i called him out on it but i never said  it was you who told me..

Andrew he told me that he was only allainged with topaz..  but she denied it.. and the he said why didnt i  ask him but he went around lying to everyone..

 Adnrew I told him that he and topaz voted  to evict me..

Talla he lied front and clear..

 andrew.. he's back and twisted up again..

 talla  he's up there now with them


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