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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/18/13

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Talla to andrew.. i dont even care right now..

Andrew is in the pool  talking to talla

:waves: Leafsfan

Hey Ugot!

They are imagining if Gary won Hoh and Andrew says he would have been screwed.

Andrew is really pissed off. He says the manipulation part of the game fk it lol

Andrew says he is cranky and hungry.

Talla says she is hungry. Andrew is cranky cuz of the twist.  Talla is tired as well.

Talla says it doesn;t change anything. Looks like Gary will be leaving if he doesn't win veto.  (:;)

Andrew says he won't get any sleep tonight.

Talla wonders how late it is. She thinks it isn't. It's approaching midnight.

Andrew and Talla are the have nots??

Andrew says the bad thing about Emett winning is they will be stuck in the hoh room, leaving Gary the have room to himself.

Talla says she can't believe she is in the house playing the game.

Talla is happy for the opportunity. She is happy for how far she has come.

Now they discuss Peter's signs before he left. Andrew calls Peter stupid! wow.

Talla and Andrew says duplicating a game (I am presuming Chilltown) is very stupid.

Andrew says throwing the competition is stupid.

 :lol3: Andrew says OMG its Gary .... oh yea he is back!

Gary joins Talla and Andrew at the pool.

Andrew asks Gary about Jury house and Gary says stop asking me because production will get mad.

 Gary is going to the HOH room

Switching to HOH room feed....

Gary is in HOH room.

They are talking about when Talla puked lol

Emett got his HOH room Gary says Emett's family is perfect.

Gary says Talla wanted to stay downstairs because "bitch off course you wanted me to stay down here"

Talla and Andrew have been have nots all week.. it's over tomorrow

Gary, Jillian and Emett playing chess.

Gary is bonding with them, which is the right thing to do right now.

LOL Emett asks Gary if he knows how to play chess.


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