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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/18/13

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Jillian new HOH - Fly the Coop Comp

POWER SHIFT TWIST: The viewers got to vote who from the Jury House they would like to bring back into the game. Results will be on tonights aired show

Andrew and Talla are have nots

Andrew and Peter nominated and on the block for eviction

Andrew won POV and $10,000

Andrew got a surprise visit from his twin brother in the house

Andrew used POV on himself

Jillian nominated Talla as the replacement nominee

Peter and Talla are on the block or eviction

Hush Hush on the feeds until after the Eviction show airs  :colors

Waiting on the feeds to come back

Peter evicted 2-0 vote

 Gary voted back in the house

HOH challenge  Brick By Brick .. waiting on results for the new HOH

Feeds are back and it looks like Emmett won HOH 

Andrew jumps into the water and splashes Talla lol

Andrew is pissed off. He isn't happy Gary is back in the house.

Andrew says we put up Gary and send him packing like last time.

Andrew says one of us is going on the block. He says Emett is Jillian and Gary is Peter from last week (he was comparing)


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