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It was a fun episode...but it made me feel like Bates & Anthony don't have much competition now that the other frontrunners are gone.


--- Quote from: Magnus on April 14, 2013, 08:50:37 PM ---WHUUUUUUUUUUT? Chynona is invincible!

Ooops maybe not, Joey/Meghan are the luckiest team ever

--- End quote ---

Hardly.  This leg design stank.  Chuck and Wynona only beat Joey and Meghan in being lucky enough to either have a taxi just there for them or getting better directions to a taxi.  Also on the mountain they delayed Joey and Meghan stopping them from getting with the other teams in what was already a processional roadblock.  The leg design pretty much stank really, too much bunching and challenges that allowed no changes of position.  Even the switchback wasn't as good as before, the rolling out of control cheeses were a big part of the original.  The best part this time round was the climbing up the hill, however they couldn't overtake which meant that wasn't as good as it could have been.

I'd never thought I'd say this, but all the other legs were better than this one. Even the controversial Vietnam leg was more enjoyable than this, and I'm not saying this just because of train mania. :lol3:

The dog transporting was rather pointless after looking back as that didn't even separate teams. I'm starting to think that may have been a Detour like that season 19 bodybuilding posing "choice". I thought CLIMBING Eiger would be an amazing Roadblock, but they only had to jiggle their feet across a balance beam to retrieve a gnome. :'( The cheese task was the only fun and deeper struggle task.

Chynona rolling the cheese down the hill was smart, not stupid. :crazy:

Yeh there was no climbing, physically it wasn't a test really.  It was more about the scenery, as in so much of this race.  I know some complained in the last race about it being in ugly poor countries, but I thought the problem was more the tasks and cast.  In this one the cast has been patchy again for me, the tasks a bit better but not as good as the locations have promised.  I don't know how after all these seasons they can do bad leg designs, maybe they design it in a certain way because it is cheaper and more convenient for them (teams all together, more predictable, less risk).

Teams must now travel by train with their new BFF <3

Phil is hilarious <3


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