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I'm rooting for Natashia at this point. I had hopes for Jordan but....

Luca seems to be favored by the judges for a win. I'm rather surprised he is still there, being inconsistent and based on previous criteria used on other contestants he should have been gone.

Krissi is hard to stomach although she is a great home cook. I'd eat her food but, she doesn't seem to be interesting enough to fill a cookbook like Luca would be.

My pet peeve this season....during the sunny side up egg challenge (which no one should ever eat anyway) the waste of eggs so carelessly discarded and so many!!!!! Bastianich is on my short list of people with no conscience.

I'm really happy with the final 2 this season.  I'm still rooting for Luca.  I just love his attitude and the fact that twice now he's given a competitor something they forgot they needed in an elimination round makes me like him that much more.  It's good to want to win, but it's more satisfying knowing you beat someone because you did a better job than because they forgot an ingredient.

Agreed Leilani. I am hanging in there for Luca as he is a good man and a good sport. I was happy to see that he gave up a little butter to help a fellow competitor....both times as I recall?

He is far more interesting as has a lot to say.

As for Krissi......get OUT!

 :cheer:  Loved, loved loved the finale last night.  I'm on a roll, my favorite won 2 seasons in a row.   :cheer:  Yay Luca!


I haven't watched what I have on the DVR yet but, I did see the final announcement that Luca won complete with..... :conf:

I'm happy for you both!   :hearts:


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