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I think it's pretty funny that whenever someone tries to purposely screw one person over, it doesn't work... :funny: I'm not really sad that Eddie's gone. I was pretty neutral about him. I'm rooting for Natasha and Jessie! And Daniel, I totally agree with you! Bri all the way!

I'm rooting for Luca.  I know he probably won't win, but he's just so adorable.  What cracks me up is the reactions of people when someone else wins a challenge and that they all get so upset when someone targets them because they're good enough to win.  I can understand disappointment, but the level of utter disgust on people's faces is comical.

YAY FOR BRI! :wohoo: I thought for sure Bime was going to return because I thought that last vote was from Krissy! Good thing it wasn't! :cheer:

YAY BRI!!!!  :cheer: :conf: :hearts: :hrt:
I thought Bime was the one that came back too. Glad it was Bri instead! I would've brought Bethy back for the chance instead of Bime though.
I surprisingly find Krissi less and less annoying each episode.. Maybe it's because the lack of the airtime given for her nowadays? Her hate for Bri is just confusing.. But kind of entertaining at the same time. :lol:

Not again. :'( SO SAD BRI IS GONE AGAIN.


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