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This series was greenlighted in April and should be telecast sometime this summer.

MasterChef 4 will be back the week after American Idol finishes with a 2 hour show on Wednesday May 22.

The latest is that  Season 4 is set to premiere on May 22, 2013, in its new Wednesday at FOX's 8 p.m. timeslot.

Thanks apskip, I need to set the DVR.  :yess:

Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot run this competition to find the next home cook who has what it takes to win their own cookbook and $250,000 plus the title of Master Chef (which they really won’t be). The home cooks come out and are ready to show they have what it takes to make it to the next round. Many think that some unusual visual impact or emotional display of themselves is what it takes, but thee judges assure them that “it’s only what’s on the plate.” During the actual judging it is clear that the judges frequently second-guess emotional stability, time away from family and other issues too.

MC4, Ep. 1

Natasha (26) from San Diego CA cooked Empanadas with Chimichurri Skirt Steak. She gives them some wine to go with it. Ramsay asks if it is the best she can do. Afterwards, Ramsay says it is a lovely balance and it is a 100% yes from him. Joe says if she can serve the dish again it would be great. Graham says it was great. They gave her an apron.

Christine (19) from San Diego, CA is a Bakery Assistant. She has bigger dreams than anyone. She says she is excited for the chance to be in the competition. She serves Korean Duck with Kalbi Marinade. Ramsay pointed out she didn’t take off the fat. Graham says the meat is really good. Afterwards, Ramsay said she lost the humbleness of the dish and says no. Joe said it was a fabulous dish so he voted yes. Graham said she is young and voted no.

After a bunch of acts come out and serve bizarre food such as Ostrich Egg, Rabbit and Bear, the next contestant, Brian (38) from Terrell TX, hopes his Road kill cuisine will get him through to the next round: Stripped & Shaved Beaver with Frog Chips. Graham says he can pass it off as beef. Joe says he has never had anything like the dish before. Ramsay says the foundation is there. Afterwards, Joe says he doesn’t buy it and says no. Ramsay says it is one of the best dishes he has tasted today. Graham was undecided,

After a few rejections, next was Jordan (29) from Minneapolis MN. He is a delivery driver and he says he dropped everything to be on Masterchef. He comes out to the judges and says he has a dish they are going to love, Ancho Chole Tostada with Cilantro Mint Aioli. Joe liked the presentation. Graham liked the plating as well. Ramsay asked how he would rate the food. Jordan says it is a 10. Afterwards, Graham says it is so damn good and exploding with flavor. Ramsay says he has delivered an impeccable dish. Joe says his dish is the best opening round dish ever. Jordan made it to the next round.

After a few disgusting dishes, Adriana (26) from New York NY served Mexican Cactus Soup with Dried Shrimp Croutons. The judges tasted it and afterwards, Graham rated it complex and good for a yes. Ramsay said she is a sweet girl, but the competition is fierce so he is unconvinced. Joe says it the competition is hard and is not sure she is up to it. Adriana did get an apron and ticket to the next round.

After a run of success and 4 other home cooks making it to the next round of the competition George (33) from Ohio, came out with an engagement ring in his pocket which he had been saving for 6 months. He serves Greek Wedding Soup with Greek Yogurt Crostini. Ramsay found the meatballs a little strange. Graham loved the sauce. Joe doesn’t like the butter. Joe says no. Graham loves the broth and says yes. Ramsay says he wants to talk to his girlfriend. She comes out and Ramsay said he is not going to give George an apron, but George needs to do something. George proposes to his girlfriend and she says yes. He doesn’t get an apron, but he has gained a fiancée.

Krissi (34) from Philadelphia PA wants to bring homemade Italian food back to Philly (I doubt that there is a lack of it, but that’s what she thinks). She serves Meatloaf Florentine with Potatoes and Asparagus. Graham says he likes the color. Afterwards, Ramsay asks to meet her son. He tells Ramsay he wants to be a chef when he grows up. Ramsay says she has potential and says yes. Graham says it is great and says yes. Krissi makes it into the next round.


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