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This series was greenlighted on Feb. 6 and should be moving ahead since auditions around the country were completed in March. I anticipate a summer telecast.

Thanks for the heads up apskip! I wonder where they will go this season!

According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, the season was mainly filmed in New Orleans!

Maybe New Orleans, maybe not. I have an alternate location for Top Chef 11. We should know soon.

Top Chef Season 11 in New Orleans, Bravo Confirms
Friday, May 10, 2013, by Amy McKeever

In a somewhat unusual move, Bravo confirms today that it will be filming the 11th season of Top Chef in New Orleans. Last month, rumors of Top Chef: New Orleans hit the world when a local producer/director posted a job ad on Facebook. Though Bravo usually does not confirm its shooting locations ahead of time remember Padma shushing everyone in Seattle? this time the network has issued a statement to local media announcing the decision. Per the statement, "The vibrant food scene of New Orleans will be a welcome addition in the 11th season of the series."

The statement doesn't reveal exactly when Top Chef: New Orleans will begin shooting, but that job ad last month indicated that it will be May through July. So good luck with that New Orleans summer, everyone. Sorry you missed Jazz Fest. Here's the full Bravo statement:


Bravo Media's "Top Chef," in partnership with the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation and the Louisiana Office of Tourism, are pleased to announce that the new season of the Emmy and James Beard Award-winning show will take place in New Orleans. The vibrant food scene of New Orleans will be a welcome addition in the 11th season of the series.

Source: http://eater.com/archives/2013/05/10/bravo-confirms-new-orleans-is-in-for-top-chef-season-11.php


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