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Live Feed Updates Friday-Wednesday 4/12/13- 4/17/13

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jillian who would andrew take?

 Emmett he's tale talla and you.. he wont take another guy.. so this is yor chance so  chill out

 Jillian should we get rid of talla so he's forced to take you..

Emmett It wont matter he wont take me..

Jillian I'd take you

 Emmett i know.. id take you too

Peter is talking about wrestling

 Jillian so then it's me you talla and peter left had i won. (they were going to backdoor andrew ) :oh

Jillian how come it never happens in the states

 Emett what

 Jillian a peson getting disqualified  PETER GOT DQ'd
Emmett they have been doing it longer

 JIllian they knew it didnt help me out they could have over looked it..

BB HG please stop talking about production


Peter still going on with wrestling

 Emmett and Jillian  talking about how his life is going to change after being on the show..

Jillian how do you turn people away with the lines being bigger

 Emmett i wouldn't we just would have to work quicker

im heading off!! :waves

HG'a are outswide Andrew was just in the pool

 Jillian doing ypga

Emmett working out

Peter was just lounging in the hammock

 Talla was poolside talking

 Pter and talla head inside

Talla is saying she is hungry and she's getting moddy from the slop

 Emmett asks Andrew to throw on 2 steaks.. Andrew and talla are still on serving punishment with Jillian Peter andEmmett


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