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Live Feed Updates Friday-Wednesday 4/12/13- 4/17/13

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Talla is sleeping

 Jillian in in the DR

Pter Andrew and Emmett are in the :HT

OK they are still going on about north korea.. Im done for the evening.. :waves:

HG's are up and about for the day

 Emmett is in the HOH

Jillian and Andrew are talking about Alec saying he was so in debt.

Andrew look at this it's Hugh Hefner..  he's wearing the HOH robe

Andrew i dont know what today is going to bring. they had this door(hallway door) locked

Peter awake

feeds went to Hush Hush.. already :iok

feeds 1/3 on Talla and andrew playing shuffle board on the dinning table

 feeds 2/4 on the HOH  with Jillian talking to herself saying that she doesn't want to backstab andrew if he has no intentions of backstabbing her.. and  she doesn't want to bean idiot for thinking that andrew will take her to the F2

 Jillian and then i dont want my dad to think im an idiot  taking those guys to teh F3.. This is crap... totally crap..

 Jillian's eyes hurt.. so she doesnt have her contacts in 

Jillian checking on on her chicken in the pressure cooker

Emmett checks on jillian's pressure cooking chicken



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