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Live Feed Updates Friday-Wednesday 4/12/13- 4/17/13

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Nothing major hapening in the house. jillian still checking on her meat.. it's pork not chicken

Peter is no where to be found on the feeds at this moment

HG are still on inside lockdown and it apears people are on slop

 Peter is holding a description card.

 Talla is in the bathroom talking to herself

Jillian is out of the DR. said that  she is upset that the BB  is making the HGG's do her laundry and cook for her

 Emmett you missed talla's melt down.. she freaked out

BB Peter to the DR

Andrew I dont give  a :dick: about this

 Emmett I told her that if it was her i would have rubbed her just as hard as  i did it to you and that's when she got mad

Peter's DR audio is bleeding thru you can hear him say rub a dub dub 3 hg's in a tub

Talla in the bathroom talking to herself.. why dont those 4 just have a F4 cuz Im soooover it 

Jillian I dont want to aask talla for anything

 andrew you ask me for anything.. i will be your whipping boy

 Emmett she pisses me off yo are  way more stronger than she is

 Andrew at least ther are only 2 of us  in the have not room.

 **Talla and Andrew are have nots ** and must wait  on The HOH

Jillian can you make me coffee

BB: there is a new mic in the SR for you

 Jillian my other mic is in the DR..

 Emmett just go and get your mic

 Andrew Talla is going to be miserable.. Im going to have a good time

Andrew I dont know Emmett we are still playing a game.. you know how talla is after a week of slop

Andrew after the 3 days I will be happy not to be doing this :dick: anymore

 Emmett yeah that would be bad if you had to do this for a whole week


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