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Live Feed Updates Friday-Wednesday 4/12/13- 4/17/13

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Alec Evicted 3-1

Emmett won HOH - Plead Your Case Comp  True or False and nominated Talla and Topaz

Peter won POV -You got mail and chose not to use POV

Topaz was evicted 3-0

Jillian new HOH - Fly the Coop Comp

POWER SHIFT TWIST: The viewers get to vote to bring back a Jury House member Voting ends Tuesday

*Update** 4/12/13 Andrew and Talla are have nots and have to wait on Jillian, Emmett and Peter for 72 hours and also get to pick a luxury item  each day for 3 days to do. Also the have nots must wake up 1 hour earlier than the rest of the house and be forced to watch Jillian and Emmett make out for 10 mins on the TV in the living room.

ANdrew and Peter nominated and on the block for eviction

**Update** 4/13/13 Andrew won POV and $10,000

**Update** 4/15/13

Andrew got a surprise visit from his twin brother in the house

Andrew used POV on himself

Jillian nominated Talla as the replacement nominee

Peter and Talla are on the block or eviction

Andrew and Emmett talking about previous HG's holding grudges..

 emmett I dont think so..

Andrew I dont care either way.. who's going to come and say something to me gary??

peter well i suppose i will do laundry.. ahh i can do it tomorrow

Peter it looks like it snowed in here a really crappy C movie snow

Peter heads into the bedroom to get his flip flops and heads outside


Peter joins the boys at the :HT

 Peter jillian is in the DR

Peter is waiting for his nuggets to get cold..

Talk now goes onto mcdonalds and how they toss out their nuggets at the end of the night

all feeds on the :HT crew. talking about North Korea.. (if they only knew! :oh )


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