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Candice: I don't think it was that great. Maybe because I hated this genre.

Grade: B+


Angie Miller: This made me cry. So good. Making a christian song to be so current, so great... So soulful. Angie is back... the angie we love. This is... amazing. So amazing.

Grade: A+


Amber: Erm, great vocals. But totally forgettable. Pitchy and yelled a few times? I think it was better than her first song, but not any better.

Grade: B


Lazaro: He sang TWO of my favourite songs tonight. So I can tell you I am the best person to judge whether Lazaro has done well or not... Lazaro did this song justice, BUT it was like he did not sing any of the high pitch notes which means he obviously left them out of the arrangement and can't reach them. It was one of his better performances honestly and really, it wasn't that bad. 

Grade: B

Your Top 3: Candice, Angie, Kree (maybe flip Amber and Kree? both were meh for me)
Your Bottom 3: Lazaro, Janelle, Amber
Your Elimination: Lazaro

America's Top 3: Candice, Angie, Kree
America's Bottom 3: Lazaro, Janelle, Amber
America's Elimination: Janelle

Best Performance Of the Night: Candice... Lovesong was unreal! :hoot:
Worst Performance Of the Night: Lazaro. :res:

Who will be revived: NONE


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