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And Lazaro's elimination is totally expected. The controversial singers like Sanjaya or Steven never gets beyond F7 or F6. And the king of death didn't come from the judges, but from his first song where it was so bad, some of the viewers finally got waken up of their senses.


Thank the lord, Lazaro is gone! He couldn't even sing for his life on key. So sad really because at first he was good. My hubby thinks he gave up.

I think we see the final three. Kree, Angie and Candice. I thought that Amber did a nice job on Wednesday, the best I've heard her sing but the public isn't with her. Janelle is not singing her style of song which is country. I think she will have a career but she won't make it to the top.

Did Angie peak too soon? She's yet to meet the expectations since she sang her own song. I still want her to win but she has to come up with an unforgettable performance and it better be soon.

I hope for new judges next season if there is one.  IMO the judges failed to pick the best of the best in the auditions.  Their favorites for whatever reason fail to interest me.  I'm still an Angie fan.  I think the judges have been hard on her to push Amber along. 

I did not think Angie peaked too soon. I've liked a few of her performances ever since she her own song. Her Nobody's Perfect, Never Gone, Love Came Down and Bring Me To Life are performances that after seasons, I'll still remember and go back to Youtube and watch. On the other hand, I can't remember a single song that all the other contestants sing, or maybe, only Candice's performance of Lovesong last night. That's all.

I think if Candice wants to win, she should start singing RECENT songs to make her current. Adele will do, I really think Adele will push her to a win if she starts considering songs by recent GREAT artist to mark her career as one of a contemporary pop artist. Same as Kree, she needs to start doing Carrie Underwood or Shania Twain? I don't know.. Leann Rimes? I am not sure which of these artists fit her vocal range, but she needs to be current as well.

Angie will sell, and she is current, but she needs to pick the right songs. I think Angie will BLOW us away again next week. It's like that since the Top 12, for one week she's good (I surrender, Yesterday), then she's bad (Shop Around), then she's good (Bring Me To Life), then she's bad this week for ONE song again. But the thing is, she's still more good than bad and that is enough to make votes loveeee her. Just take a view at the Youtube numbers for each video. Besides Candice's, NO ONE came close to her view counts on Youtube. I won't be shock if Candice and Angie are our Final 2 now too. I don't know where is Kree getting all her votes from, but her Youtube counts are pathetic. :(


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