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Live Feed Updates Thursday Double Eviction Day 4/11/13

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Jillian to andrew saying that talla says she doesnt want to go up and be a pawn..  and I said that the 4 of us will talk it out

 andrew she is not a pawn..

 Andrew all we are looking for is peter not to win.. if peter wins she is going home anyway.. that's the reality

Emmet i know you said after that you were worried.. but i tried to look at you

 Andrew yeah but still

Emmett jillian and I are still here and Peter is going up this week

andrew i get the feeling of Paranoia .. but i trust you man.. we're all good..

 Emmett talla  is the problem

 andrew did jillian tell you... if peter wins POV im going up anyway.. and you keep me talla is going home..

feeds went to HUSH HUSH.. Jillian was filing her nails at the table and Andrew and Emmett were in the :HT

feeds back peter is out of the DR

 Emmett and andrew are still game talking .. andrew says that emmett is in a better position than he is..

 Emmett tries to down play it to andrew saying jillian has won more stuff and that it's a game

Andrew if it's an endurance Jillian is going to beat us and go directly to the final.. and it's me and you against eachother for the second one  and then you win..

 emmett maybe not.. with $100,000 on the line you never know.. and I have to win it to be there..

Andrew is now putting down alec saying look at his pictures of his friends and then makes fun of Peter cuz he likes wrestling..

Peter just said to himself I have to to save talla this week.. that's going to be tricky.. I have to win veto again

Jillian is probably in the DR


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