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Live Feed Updates Thursday Double Eviction Day 4/11/13

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Jillian won HOH comp ICEBERG ALLEY

**Thursday will be a DOUBLE EVICTION**

Alec and Peter were nominated for eviction

Peter won POV

Peter used POV on himself

Jillian nominated Topaz as the replacement nominee

Alec and Topaz are on the block up for eviction

Alec Evicted 3-1

Emmett won HOH - Plead Your case true or False and nominated Talla and Topaz

Pter won POV -You got mail and chose not to use it

Topaz was evicted 3-0

New HOH comp ongoing  Fly the Coop  last seen Peter was ahead of the pack

Feeds are back everyone but peter is in the kitchen not sure who won HOH

Chatter is about how Alec was..

 Jillian he had no emotions

Jillian I feel like shit I wish i didnt have to do this (maybe she won???)

Jillian Hey Emmett i didnt break a sweat..  everyone else was sweating bullets talking about the lumberjack comp

Andrew i wonder if he's in the DR being a jokester or  upset

 Jillian he's still using his animated voice

Talla are you gonna tub it? :HT

 Jillian Im the fattest person in here

 Emmett you wear a onsey!!

Emmett and andrew in the bathroom

 Talla is talking to herself says for jillian to wake her up  for her HOH

Jillian everyone knows what is going to happen

Emmett is worried that Talla was upset that she was nominated

Andrew so Those 2 are going up?

  they leave the bedroom  and head back to the  kitchen

JILLIAN WON HOH it's official**


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