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2013 Great Amazing Race In MELBOURNE Oct 5 for charity! SIgn up now!

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Just a reminder for everyone to register for the upcoming 2013 Great Amazing Race around Melbourne which supports the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation!
With no new series of The Amazing Race Australia in 2013 it's a good opportunity to get your race fix!
The event is being held on Saturday 5th October.

Check out this video of our 2012 event!

Also a video of our 2011 event!

To register go to - the sooner you register the cheaper it is!

I can vouch for how much fun this is- Scarr and Myself (You might remember us from when we were trying to win a dress up competition at the cricket earlier this year) ran this in 2012 and even though we didn't come close to winning or even finishing the whole course inside the time limit, we had a blast.

We even managed to win best dressed on the day, and the racers from TAR Australia were really friendly and happy to have a photo or two with us. Shane and Andrew put their whistles to good use when it came down to the crowd vote for the best dressed.

Standard Race Price for this closes at the end of July. (Price increases $10)

All of the challenges and locations are locked in - lots of brand new and crazy things planned!!

Also hoping to announce some VIP's and special guests in the next few months..

For all the details please visit and help us support the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation in Melbourne!

I... am... tempted. :funny:

Here's an update about the event:
Jayden 'Mozzie' Irving - a contestant on the latest series of The Mole Australia will be participating in the event with his brother Nathaniel who spent time in the Royal Children's Hospital when he was a child.

Tarryn and Ross, and Sarah and James from Season 2 of The Amazing Race Australia will also be participating.

More VIP's and special guests will be confirmed.

Check out for all the latest information!

Each team will have to visit a minimum of 13 checkpoints, completing a minimum of 5 or 6 challenges PLUS The mandatory Amazing Race Leg - including a Detour and at least one Roadblock! So that's a total of at least 7 proper Amazing Race style challenges to complete - think Diving, Sailing, Eating, Rockclimbing, Dancing, Swimming, Puzzles, Sports Challenges.
Without giving too much away we have all new challenges we have never attempted or tried in any previous Great Amazing Race!

Help support the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation and have an amazing day in Melbourne!


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