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Live Feed Updates Tuesday-Wednesday 4/9/13- 4/10/13

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Alec making a smoothie

The HG got vodka last night.. Alec says Topaz and Talla drank some last ngiht

 Alec the house has to  be cleaned it reeks in here

i'll be back later on tonight to update if i can was just drive by posting :waves:

Emmett thinks it's the smae thing with Alec that he did to Tom. making Peter chose who to keep

 Alec  with Andrew in the kitchen.. I know it's either me or her and I have been separating myself from her..

Jillian I ahve to do my makeup before i get called into the Dr to do my blog today

Alec and Andrew are comparing the BB experience like going up in a space shuttle

 Alec well at least they have games they can play :goran:

Andrew what they doing out there???

Alec they are banging like crazy

 Andrew well there ya go


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